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Artist Of The Month
Artist of the month is currently suspended. However this feature will be returning very shortly! Keep checking back :coffee:

Artist - 24 found Country Month Comment Read interview
PartySan (Chris)
Romania November 2007 PartySan, AOTM November 07 Interview
madpac (Madis)
Estonia October 2007   Interview
Zepsi (P. E. Skavhaug)
Norway September 2007 As CTG returns, so does Artist Of The Month, and this time around I've handpicked one of my favourite artists of all time. It'll come as no surprise that this guy has been chosen, he's got years and years of great music to his name, as well as being an ex Interview
benefit of the boomerang
Netherlands July 2007   Interview
Mary Weldon
United Kingdom June 2007 CTG Has been without an Artist Of The Month for quite sometime now, so when I decided it was time that it be brought back, I set about making sure that it comes back with a bang! To help me achieve this, I needed to make sure I pick some of the finest art Interview
Alphadelta (Andy Davies)
United Kingdom August 2005 Catching up with time, CTG presents the new Artist of the month: Alphadelta. Alphadelta is one of the best trancers of site site, and he surely deserves this award for his efforts. Interview
mr.s (Slawek Bardadyn)
Poland July 2005 I dont think that this artist needs an introduction. This is one of the best artist that I know at this very moment, and I'm very happy that I could interview him. Interview
cartlemmy (Josh)
United States June 2005 While still catching up with time, CTG presents a new AOTM: Cartlemmy! Cartlemmy is an active reviewer and, although not very active at the forums, a welcome part of our little community site. Interview
Jamie(formerly Lord Wallace) (Jamie Wallace)
United Kingdom May 2005 This time the award of AOTM goes to Lord Wallace, our best composer in the jazz and funk genre. What he enjoys most is the opportunity to improvise, and certainly, the genres of jazz & funk are excellent mediums in which to do just that. Interview
Kcirr3d (Derrick)
Netherlands April 2005 The CTG's Artist of April 2005 is Derrick Bouman, known as Kcirr3d - a great breakbeat producer, experienced musician, as well as an active CTG member. As we can learn from the interview, a quite interesting figure as well. Interview
Tinta (Carla G)
Portugal March 2005 TINTA is a popular artist at CTG, since she came here, and she has kept growing ever since. Her music chills the mind, and relaxes the body, and I guess that many of us artists really apreciate that. Interview
edzes (Andreas Bruvoll Skaarung)
Norway February 2005 Edzes is a man who's been producing solid trance tunes for a long time. He has seen TiS, online and working, and is known for releasing tunes on the site. Interview
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