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Artist´s Info ctgmusic.com/twiterror
Artist: Artist twiterror
Name: Josh Whelchel
Born: 03rd December 1987
Occupation: Student, Composer
From: United States
Music style: orchestral
Started producing: 1997
Contact: Send private message to twiterrorSend Email
Homepage: http://josh.syntesis.org
Reviews written: 9 [read]
Comments written: 7 [read]
Latest downloads: 0
Artist rating: 10
Last seen: 23 July 2008 16:29
Registered: 20 January 2008 20:14
Forum activity: 1 topics, 4 replies
Charts position: 993rd
Popularity meter: (243)
News: The Spirit Engine 2 Cancer Drive raised over $825!!!
twiterror´s picture
Page Views: 4954

Artist´s Description
I've been writing since 1998, in some form or another. I started at Trax in Space and grew to love artists like Azo and Skyline. Sooner than later I gained an affinity for cinematic style compositions and melodic video game music.

I'm a fan of Bobby Prince, admittedly, as well as Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mistuda. I would describe my music as a combination of the two.

I now use a combination of Sonar 5 with a few goodies thrown in, like EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold XP Pro, and a few other things. I own a Kurzweil K2VSX (something like that), and it's done my well for the past few years.

While I'm currently in pre-medical, I hope to find a career that will let me write music in spare time and live vicariously enough to have a family and buy expensive music toys. (;

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twiterror´s Music
Songs: 4Downloads:0 Reviews:1 Comments:4[Private charts]
2008 Collection
  Bonesaw Overdrive
 twiterror - orchestral
Added: 10. May 2008
Score: (10)
Downloads: 198
Reviews: 1

Comments: 2
8.8 mB [MP3]
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  bonesaw is ready
 twiterror - soundtrack
Added: 23. May 2008
Score: Not Rated!
Downloads: 21
Reviews: 0

Comments: 0
5.4 mB [MP3]
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  Take My Hand (BBQ Chicken Man)
 twiterror - demostyle
Added: 20. April 2008
Score: Not Rated!
Downloads: 21
Reviews: 0

Comments: 0
3.6 mB [MP3]
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  Termino Funkch
 twiterror - electro
Added: 29. April 2008
Score: Not Rated!
Downloads: 31
Reviews: 0

Comments: 2
3.5 mB [MP3]
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