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Member: Member rRr
Name: /
Born: 05th December 1988
Occupation: Student
From: Lithuania
Music style: hardstyle
Started producing: 2009
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Homepage: /
Reviews written: 3 [read]
Comments written: 20 [read]
Latest downloads: 0
Last seen: 02 May 2010 16:28
Registered: 14 November 2009 19:14
Forum activity: 0 topics, 1 replies
News: Practice practice and practice, that's needed to see the progress
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Member´s Description
I was always in love with music, it always went the same way as my life :] In the summer of 2009 i started to try producing tracks, tried so hard to make something posibble to listen to ;D so im still amateur/beginner/noob and etc. at music production, but i love to produce tracks and i'll keep trying, it's my favourite hobby  ;]

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