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Member´s Info ctgmusic.com/Tinta
Member: Member Tinta
Name: Carla G
Born: 27th October 2005
Occupation: /
From: Portugal
Music style: ambient
Started producing: 1995
Contact: Send private message to TintaSend Email
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/tinta.geo
Reviews written: 44 [read]
Comments written: 20 [read]
Latest downloads: 0
Last seen: 17 April 2014 23:08
Registered: 19 January 2005 9:16
Forum activity: 0 topics, 2 replies
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Page Views: 13424

Artist Of The Month March 2005

Member´s Description
The word TINTA means paint, ink, fluid, ever changing, absorbing that which it touches, while reflecting back the mood with which it was painted with... That's the sound of TINTA; reflective, passionate, dreamy, sometimes dark, sometimes colorful.

The songs are composed on guitar and keyboard with electronic,ambient and classical elements.

She's also involved with other electronic artists, Dance With Me- featuring TINTA (Todd D's "Hard" Dub) soon to be released on Tweeked Records in NY, production of DJ Paulo and Todd Dutkevitch.

Music written, played and recorded by TINTA
@copyright 2004

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