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Member´s Info ctgmusic.com/liquidmusic
Member: Member LuigiK Luigi K
Name: Luigi
Born: 01st November 1978
Occupation: artist
From: United States
Music style: dance
Started producing: 1998
Contact: Send private message to LuigiK Luigi KSend Email
Homepage: http://www.luigik.com
Reviews written: 0
Comments written: 0
Latest downloads: 0
Last seen: 27 May 2006 18:28
Registered: 19 May 2006 7:58
Forum activity: 0 topics, 0 replies
LuigiK Luigi K´s picture
Page Views: 2165

Member´s Description
Liquid Music announced New release _LUIGI K_ the new album _Give me Some _
over 12 million people downloaded the first single _Give me Some_ followed by 2nd single Sail Away 8.5 million download,LUIGI K became a one of the most rich and popular celebrity of the today . www.luigik.com

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