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Top Of 2004
The second time in CTG history we present you our yearly charts.
Find out which was the most popular song and who was the top artist of the year, also by genre.
You can see who was the most welcomed newcomer and
which members contributed the most with feedback for our artists.
As an addition you can check which songs were the longest no1 chart hits.

Congratulations and thanks to all of You.

Top 10 Songs Of 2004
Pos. Song Genre: Download:
1. Nu-NRG - Dreamland (Whirloop Bootleg) V2! trance Download this song
2. xerxes - defuse ambient Download this song
3. Cascada - Miracle (Code 79 remix) dance Download this song
4. O-Zone - Dragostea din tei (Slog remix) trance Download this song
5. Oxid Project - Sunbreath trance Download this song
6. Deestylistic - By My Side (Gerry Cueto Mix) trance Download this song
7. acecream - Unlimited Access[Radio Edit] trance Download this song
8. awezoom - Aquarium. A submarine Journey easy listening Download this song
9. Virgill ^ Vicky - Music pop Download this song
10. acecream - Limits trance Download this song

Top 10 Artists Of 2004
Pos. Artist Genre: Country:
1. Whirloop (Daniel Swahn) Private message! trance Sweden
2. Virgill (Virgill) Private message! demostyle Germany
3. a98 (Anssi Hohti) Private message! trance Finland
4. xerxes (Klaus Lunde) Private message! electro Norway
5. obScene (Brandon Goins) Private message! various United States
6. quartz76 (Gerry Cueto) Private message! trance United States
7. Void Pointer (Peter) Private message! experimental Netherlands
8. awezoom (Victor Vergara) Private message! easy listening Spain
9. / Private message! acid Afghanistan
10. 32071614043234 Private message! other Bosnia and Herzegovina

Top New Artists Of 2004
Pos. Artist Genre: Country:
1. Nyocore (Lennerd van Hurck) Private message! various Netherlands
2. Nifflas Private message! ambient Sweden
3. Proteo (Daniel Villanueva) Private message! trance Spain
4. Opticane (Magnus Martinsen) Private message! trance Norway
5. XcentryK (Jay (Joao Lopes)) Private message! trance Portugal
6. Dreamz (Paul McGowan) Private message! various United Kingdom
7. Doriath & Wiseman (Ferenc & Sean) Private message! pop Sweden
8. zeos (Antony Raijekov) Private message! downtempo Bulgaria
9. SOUNDVISIONZ (SOUNDVISIONZ) Private message! experimental United States
10. 12345 Private message! trance Afghanistan

Members who gave the most feedback during 2004
Pos. Member Reviews: Comments: Total:
1. Void Pointer (Peter) 86 434 520
2. obScene (Brandon Goins) 139 205 344
3. Nyocore (Lennerd van Hurck) 155 172 327
4. a98 (Anssi Hohti) 96 222 318
5. Analysis (Gertjan Houwen) 56 220 276
6. Bazecoon (Robert Hallström) 70 205 275
7. PartySan (Chris) 143 125 268
8. Nygen Dale (Andreas Engel) 64 202 266
9. dreawlk (Andrea Brischetto) 126 106 232

Longest Time Number 1 Songs
Days Song Days: Genre: Download:
1. Nu-NRG - Dreamland (Whirloop Bootleg) V2! 18 trance Download this song
2. edzes - Alumina [Radio edit] 15 trance Download this song
3. Memories of Tomorrow - Salty Rain (Gerry Cueto's D3finition Remix) 14 trance Download this song
- Oxid Project - Sunbreath 14 trance Download this song
5. Xcalibur - Moments 13 trance Download this song
- Proteo - Alone (original mix) 13 trance Download this song
7. troupe - alone in the light 12 ambient Download this song
- Proteo - Another Way [original mix] 12 trance Download this song
9. kondencuotas pienas - Nevertheless 11 dnb Download this song
10. Doriath & Wiseman - I feel fine 10 pop Download this song

Top Songs By Genre
Genre Song Subgenre: Download:
Acid Boxy - Dinner With Old People - Download this song
Alternative slammin vinyl - Blackford Common, 1:37am Dark, experimental. Download this song
Ambient xerxes - defuse - Download this song
Blues Christofori - Shades of Futility - Download this song
Breakbeat xerxes - fuse - Download this song
Celtic Samppa - Legends of the Past Metal Download this song
Chiptunes Funky Fish - Revenge Of The Nerds MidiChip Download this song
Christmas xerxes - jon blund (x-mas remix) - Download this song
Classical Paul Houseman - Motorcycle Chase Film Music Download this song
Dance Cascada - Miracle (Code 79 remix) - Download this song
Demostyle Delux - Oblivium Terra Part III : Retribution Techno-Game Download this song
Downtempo MatthijsB - Sweetness Chill Download this song
Drum&bass kondencuotas pienas - Nevertheless Ambient, atmospheric, easy listening, drum'n'bass Download this song
Easy listening awezoom - Aquarium. A submarine Journey New Age Download this song
Electro awezoom - Seeker of Dreams Demo Style Download this song
Experimental SOUNDVISIONZ - The Method Intelligent Fusion Download this song
Fantasy obScene - Incomplete - Download this song
Funk Virgill ^ Pani - Artcity Pop Download this song
Hardcore X Kraft - Don't Stop! Happy Hardcore Download this song
Hardstyle Nyocore - Dance F.U.C.K.E.R. Hard techno Download this song
Hiphop Kalskee feat. Drum Kid - You live only once (alternative mix) Rap Download this song
House obScene featuring Cheyenne - Forgiveness - Download this song
Industrial eftos - Antrahid Rave Download this song
Jazz Antony Raijekov - On the beach (summer pack) Dub, chill out Download this song
Jungle Wiseman - Jah Will Provide Ragga, Oldschool, DnB Download this song
Metal Burden A.D. - Wrong Life/My Life - Download this song
Other Void Pointer - Stop Crap Download this song
Pop Virgill ^ Vicky - Music Vocal Download this song
Psychedelic Plantbane - The last ingredients Goa Download this song
Punk Southwest_Statistic - Tri-State Area Synth Pop Punk Rock Download this song
Rave SpeCi - Shadow Dancing - Download this song
Reggae Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry (Just Another Remake) Vocal, Dub, Chillout, Triphop, :p Download this song
Rock N.D. - Farewell Part II (obScene Remix) Electro Download this song
Soundtrack obScene - To The World's End Orchestral Download this song
Techno Ludwig van Beethoven - Fur Elise (Drumstick Remix) Trance Download this song
Trance Nu-NRG - Dreamland (Whirloop Bootleg) V2! Uplifting/Euphoric Download this song
Trip-hop Antony Raijekov - Irida Downtempo Download this song
World Louigi Verona - The Breeze Dance Dance Download this song

Top Artists By Genre
Genre Artist Age: Country:
Acapella Funky Fish Private message! - Afghanistan
Acid / Private message! - Afghanistan
Alternative One Private message! - Barbados
Ambient Nygen Dale (Andreas Engel) Private message! 35 Germany
Breakbeat donvich Private message! 32 Hungary
Chiptunes 1up (Daniel Aurell) Private message! 37 Sweden
Christmas n3p5u5 (Chris Plorán) Private message! 37 United States
Classical Jared Hudson (Jared Hudson) Private message! 34 United States
Dance Code 79 (Code 79) Private message! 38 Hungary
Demostyle Virgill (Virgill) Private message! 43 Germany
Downtempo Wiseman (Shaun Wiseman) Private message! 38 Sweden
Drum&bass Scienide Private message! 37 United Kingdom
Easy listening awezoom (Victor Vergara) Private message! 39 Spain
Electro xerxes (Klaus Lunde) Private message! 44 Norway
Experimental Void Pointer (Peter) Private message! 29 Netherlands
Fantasy xTr1m (Frank) Private message! 33 Germany
Funk dfast (harry damm) Private message! 32 Finland
Hardcore keyzer soze Private message! 35 Netherlands
Hardstyle TMP (S. Korsmit) Private message! 35 Netherlands
Hiphop sonus (Robert Brozyna) Private message! 16 United States
House MatthijsB (M) Private message! - Netherlands
Industrial Eftos (© Eftos Ent.) Private message! - Vatican City
Jazz Cdnalsi (Sebastian Spanache) Private message! 33 Romania
Metal Ethelion (Erik Ruud Ulseth) Private message! 37 Norway
Other 32071614043234 Private message! - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pop Doriath & Wiseman (Ferenc & Sean) Private message! 13 Sweden
Psychedelic Easily Embarrassed (Easily Embarrassed) Private message! 13 Netherlands
Rock It-Alien (Fabio Napodano) Private message! 40 Italy
Soundtrack Kinetik (M.Foppen) Private message! - Netherlands
Techno xkraft (X Kraft) Private message! - United States
Trance Whirloop (Daniel Swahn) Private message! 32 Sweden
Various obScene (Brandon Goins) Private message! 39 United States
World Atlantis (Peter van der Linde) Private message! 35 Other

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