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JDruid - Squire's eyes
Thanks for the reviews, guys!
Glad you liked it, Titan. :)
Denny, my songs tend to be a bit "scat.. [more]
ArtistJDruid 12 Dec. 04:48
Xtatic - Chapter Two - In to the Forest
Pretty ambient, would fit nicely in the background of some RPG. :) [more] ArtistJDruid 19 Sep. 15:12
Chris Plorán - Faeries Among The Weeds
A sweet track, in your usual cute style :) It could have some more melodical ideas (or then just be [more] ArtistJDruid 17 Jun. 06:19
slammin vinyl - Scots eat haggis
Nice NESish feeling, lots of variety and melodies. I also like the way it mocks those darn scots :) [more] ArtistJDruid 19 May. 06:04
laamaa - Kikki II
I remember when you sent me an early version of this. I liked it then and I still do. Nice semi-melo.. [more] ArtistJDruid 6 May. 09:11
JDruid - Trip on the Funny Boat
Hehe, thanks guys. It's meant as a background music. If you like solos, listen to 'Cup of wishes' in.. [more] ArtistJDruid 5 Apr. 22:48
Chris Plorán - Beneath Sable Waters
Good composing again, I'd have used the tremolo thing more sparingly though, gives a synthetic feeli.. [more] ArtistJDruid 10 Feb. 09:23
Chris Plorán - Dream of Names Once Forgotten
Great song.
I think you're improving, this one isn't really weaker in any way than some music in FF.. [more]
ArtistJDruid 10 Feb. 09:21
JDruid - Prolonged
Thanks Pluks! Now that all my tracks are reviewed, maybe I'll have to make new ones  ;) [more] ArtistJDruid 19 Jan. 11:34
JDruid - A Glass of Whatever
Thanks Ethelion. Actually this song seems to have been one of my most popular ones, but you surely h.. [more] ArtistJDruid 31 Oct. 23:22
JDruid - Scattered progression
Thanks Ethelion, can't really call your review a quick one  ;) . I'm actually proud of the work with (.. [more] ArtistJDruid 31 Oct. 23:14
laamaa - *unf unf*
hehe, a bit too restless for my taste, it's like a one-minute climax :) you can make jazz without th.. [more] ArtistJDruid 25 Oct. 08:43
JDruid - Shamaani main
Thanks again, Silent Protagonist :)
The long bass-parts were supposed to have guitar soloing played.. [more]
ArtistJDruid 20 Sep. 13:38
JDruid - Cup of wishes
Thanks, Silent Protagonist! The beginning and the ending were made last, maybe it was a cheap way to.. [more] ArtistJDruid 20 Sep. 13:34
JDruid - Cup of wishes
Thanks Albergoni. Nice to hear that I'm not the only one into progressive stuff here :) When I get m.. [more] ArtistJDruid 18 Aug. 07:19
suspenlute - Sign of God's Promise
The song flows very naturally from a melody to another. I prefer your SNESish style, though, which i.. [more] ArtistJDruid 16 Aug. 09:44
Milan Kolarovic (a.k.a. Acumen) - Pitch-Black
My second favourite of your songs, only Landmark of lullabies being better. One can actually hear so.. [more] ArtistJDruid 16 Aug. 08:29
JDruid - Cup of wishes
Thanks mrsix! Any feedback is more than welcome, especially about a big project like this. [more] ArtistJDruid 12 Aug. 19:11
Zepsi - Under an Umbrella
Sounds like a perfect intro for She's Riding Her Bicycle Down Vernoma Street to me. Actually, She's [more] ArtistJDruid 13 Jun. 13:52
Delux - Azzurrocielo (xp trip)
If the instruments and the rhythm were different, this could be a dance track :) [more] ArtistJDruid 19 Mar. 07:30
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