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Welcome to the articles section in our community area. Here you can read articles made by our members.
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Making Contacts

written by
0 11023 20 May 2008
Mastering and Music
Reading lots of questions coming from different people about things like Mastering, Complete Mix Compression and Other Post-Production Techniques, I decided to write this small article. It is in form of common questions which I came upon at amateur music communities throughout the last two-three years and my answers in form of advices(those being merely my humble opinions).
written by Louigi Verona
8 12402 04 May 2006
Live Act
When a musician decides to perform live, the most important thing is to have a total technical and musical overview of what will he do on the stage.Since there is no way to delete a false note that's already been played or go back and do it some other way, you - above talent - need serious preparation and knowledge about what you are doing.

This article might help those who want to do a live act and they dont know how.

written by roland
9 10329 27 April 2005
Charts of the year 2003
It is time to look back to 2003 and pick up our greatest artists and songs. You can find our most popular songs, our most popular artists, also by genre. You can also see our longest top1 chart hits. And last but not least, you can also see members who contributed the most feedback back to us during 2003. Congratulations and thanks to all of you.

written by FeralCode
25 12372 26 January 2004
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