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Welcome to the tutorials section in our community area. Here you can read tutorials made by our members.
You can also write your own tutorial, if you wish and we will put it online after the accepting procedures.
We recommend you to read the following tutorials:

Tutorial - 7 found Comments Views Date
FL Studio 7 Tutorial: Sidechaining
Here is a tutorial of sidechaining with FL Studio. Correct me if sidechain is the wrong word.
The idea of sidechaining is that, when Instrument 1 makes a sound the Instrument 2 volume goes down by the ammount of the volume of Instrument 1.

HTML- version of this tutorial!

This how the result of this tutorial will sound.

written by Ceox
6 21971 23 September 2007
Sending out a demo for the first time
Do you have a serious ambition to become a 'professional' producer?
You can't become the next superstar producer withough getting your demo heard.
Here is a simple guide on how to do just that - getting your demo heard.

written by MatthijsB
30 24422 15 July 2005
RAVE-n's VST Guide - part 2
Freeware VST syths and other candies. Clearly, I was selecting nonSynthedit made software ( with exception of P8, which is certainly very good SE made product). There are, ofcourse, tons of others (particulary sampler/tools/ section, still searching for a quality free wav sample player), so i might missed some, but here are those I happen to use and know them. I will certainly update this as I get ahold of some more or new synths come out, so stay tuned!

written by RAVE-n
11 19975 21 September 2004
Creating "airy" sounds
This is a tutorial, about how you can create airy sounds, with almost any analogue, or virtual analogue synth. Works great with Reason's Subtractor.
written by Nifflas
17 13474 27 August 2004
Freeware VST FX guide
Here is a list of some basic freeware VST FX you would need to get things started. There aren't any exotic fx here which only their author know what they actually do, I only listed things which most of us are already familiar with. A starting point, however, was to find quality (almost no synthedit stuff here) basic freeware effects that would replace those, in my case, in Reason.

written by RAVE-n
38 85226 03 June 2004
How to use VST in MPT
Some guy asked me what exactly VST is and how to use it in MPT. This was my answer to him which might also help some of you, who use modplug tracker.

written by vitaliko
34 15014 21 February 2004
RAVE-n's VST guide - part I
Struggling through many many forums about music production on the net I constantly encountered the same question: "...which VST/VSTi should I use for trance production..."

Being Cubase newbie, I collected VSTs from everywhere during the last months. While I tried them extensively, I thought I could share my experience to form an ULTIMATE TRANCE VST GUIDE (of course NOT limited to trance anyway).

Here is the first part of it, which will be about non-freeware, payable synths, and will be followed by freeware synths and VST effects in some weeks. Enjoy!

written by RAVE-n
20 45885 26 January 2004
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