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Artist Of The Month March 04: Nifflas Written on 02 May 2004 by MatthijsB
Sorry for the delay, I'm still a month late with the artist of the month section, but that will be solved soon, for now, enjoy our fresh AOTM!

You probably already heard some of his music, our artist of the month for March has some great jazz and ambient music with a very recognisable sound. Here's a short interview with Nifflas, to get to know something more about him. Another great artist on CTG who deserves this special spot for this month.

MatthijsB: Congratulations Nifflas! How does it feel to get 25% of the March votes for artist of the month?

Nifflas: well, feels good :) Besides, it will bring lots of listeners :D

MatthijsB: So please tell us, who is Nifflas?

Nifflas: I'm Nicklas Nygren and I am 21 years old, I live in Sweden in a town called Umeå.
I currently have no job, yet. I hope to get one soon.
My hobbies are music and climbing trees.
I also have a girlfriend, Malin, who I love a whole lot of much.

MatthijsB: Okay, music it is, how strange:) . How did your producing hobby start?

Nifflas: Heh, well, it started really early. When I was really young, I looked up to my dad quite a lot. Since he was a fan of ZZ Top, I naturally became one as well... (yeah, I'm ashamed of admitting this, but I was really young). I wanted to become a rock star with a huge beard. Actually, I have a beard. Not like ZZ top, but anyway :D
Since my mom discovered that I was quite interested in music, she bought me a Casio synth... I loved that synth! I fooled around with it, until mom suggested piano lessions. And well, then playing other peoples music got boring, so after like four years, I quit the lessions, and created no music until early 1999. This was the year I found out about Fast Tracker 2. This was long time ago, I don't track anymore. I make my music with hardware these days.

MatthijsB: How come you stopped working with software and switched to hardware producing?

Nifflas: Zepsi, a friend who I know through #modarchive, espernet, told me about software sequencing. I became addicted to the idea of realtime record melodies. However, I switched to hardware-only when my software sequencer had crashed the 100000'th time. This also made my playing skills come in handy.

MatthijsB: Could you give us a list of the hardware you work with?

Nifflas: Roland MC-909, Waldorf Microwave XTk, Behringer mixer, Behringer V-AMP 2, Alesis Air-FX, Wavepot, Fatar SL-880 midikeyboard, Emagic AMT-8 midi interface (which I use as midi splitter/merger), a little midi router thingy, an iMac, and a 200mhz PC. But the computers isn't involved when I create the music.

MatthijsB: What inspires you as an artist?

Nifflas:There's mainly 3 different sorts of inspiration I have when I decide to create a song. 1: Just a random feeling I want to create, or express. 2: Stories / pictures. 3: A physical places, nature, tree climbing (I even bought a Pocket PC so I can compose music in trees)

MatthijsB: As most people will agree on, your music has got a quite original jazzy edge, how come?

Nifflas: I don't know how it started... I got bored of all the commercial simple crap they play on radio, so I decided to buy some jazz CD's I knew nothing about. Really strange stuff, which I love. I don't create nearly as complex "jazz" as the stuff I listen to. But of course, I also enjoy more "normal" music.

MatthijsB: Any special projects from to expect from you in the near future?

Nifflas: Definetly. #Modarchive Story, a game I'm nearly finished with now. It will be available at http://modarchivestory.ni2.se in a few weeks. Until then, there's only screen shots there.
The #Modarchive story is about the chat channel. The most strange creatures live over there. Dragons, gryphons, acid souls and doses and a little elk. Even James Bond spends his time there, although he usually only speaks a single line in, let's say a month?
The game, however, is a story about them :D
I've created (almost) all levels. Music & sound is what I still have to do before I release it... I will do this with Ilpo Tammi of Alterfish Gravity, who already composed some really cool title music, and a couple of other artists will help me. But of course I'll create a little music myself.

MatthijsB: I can't think of any more questions (I'm not such a good reviewer  ;) ), so here's the last one. Any advice for the musicians on CTG?

Nifflas: Not really :) Well, I often say in my reviews: Don't take any opinions or reviews too seriously. It's yourself you're expressing, not the reviewer.

MatthijsB: And that's indeed what it's all about...
Thanks for your time nifflas, take care!

Nifflas: Your welcome  ;)

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