CTG Music Newsletter 27th July 2005

CTG Meeting 26th - 31st of August at Gdansk, Poland

The meeting will take place in Gdansk. It's a harbour city in northern Poland, with long and colourful history, old buildings, churches, cafes, harbour with ships and all. Close to the Baltic Sea, although not exactly by the sea (it's the Gdansk Bay actually, or whatever one should call it in English).

I want to participate!

Great! :) Then:
  • Make sure you have free time from 26th to 31th of August
  • Fill the form
  • Wait for details about the payment for reservation.
Of course, in the meantime you can throw your suggestions and opinions to the forum topic you'll surely notice, coz it's sticky.


There is an airport in Gdansk, but most flights go to Warsaw anyway. There are lots of trains from Warsaw to Gdansk though. CTG members already found out that cheap airlines like WizzAir that can take you to Poland for a fairly low price.

If you need closer and more accurate information about transport in Poland, send questions to Cooth.

Thank you for your interest!

The past, now and the future of CTG
Back in the late 2002 CTG was started as small and simple music community page. It had very limited features but somehow people liked it anyway so the community grew with a nice and not really expected speed. In those days updates were poping up on daily basis and the whole site was developing with fast speed.
I can say people were fairly happy with the site.

As the time past by frequency of updates droped quite radicaly which resulted in a bit stagnated website. It also affected on the activity of most dedicated members where some of them simply lost interest in for instance writing reviews or even posting songs. There was still lots of suggestions and options to update the site but those simply didnt happen becouse of me, since i was the only one who could actualy realize them. At first my non activity was mostly a product of my preoccupaction with work but lately its also a lack of motivation and interest.
I can say people are not happy with how things are now.

[Tutorial] Sending out a demo for the first time
Do you have a serious ambition to become a 'professional' producer?
You can't become the next superstar producer withough getting your demo heard.
Here is a simple guide on how to do just that - getting your demo heard.

You can read this tutorial in our community area.

CTG Mix - You Never Push My Button
After long silence with mixes we push the ball rolling again with slightly different and guarantee energetic style. You Never Push My Button appears to be aggressive, thrusting tonal massacre. This inspirative set is mixed by our fellow Benefit of the Boomerang :) This time mix contains mostly non-CTG music though there's 3 tracks from our archives. :yes:

MadTracker 2.5 RC 6 published
MadTracker.org has published Release Candidate 6 of MadTracker 2.5. This version offers a couple of major improvements with respect to previous versions. First of all, MadTracker now has accurate BPM and improved ReWire support for error-free synchronization with ReWire hosts. Second, MIDI import and export has been added to MadTracker's capabilities. Third, dozens of big and small bugs have been fixed for improved stability, performance and usability.

Do keep in mind that this is a Release Candidate, and not the final release. Problems can still occur. If they do, then please notify us about them!

Download MadTracker 2.5 RC 6

Recommended Songs
Recomended Song RooM 23
mr.s [Jazz]
Recomended Song The Cuckoo [oldbrian`s bittersweet remix]
Lisa DeBenedictis [Downtempo]
Recomended Song Silent Anticipation (Guitar)
Tinta [Easy listening]
Recomended Song satellite (a98 remix)
oceanlab [Trance]
Recomended Song Life without Her
N.D. [Ambient]
Recomended Song Komm oh Tod, du Schlafes Bruder
Virgill [Ambient]
Recomended Song Awoken by the wind
warhawk [Easy listening]

Recommended Artists
Recomended Artist chouba [Electro]
Recomended Artist Element [Drum&bass]
Recomended Artist Minor Chill [Downtempo]
Recomended Artist LPChip [Chiptunes]
Recomended Artist hardmoon [Ambient]
Recomended Artist Frankdj [Easy listening]
Recomended Artist Lord Wallace [Funk]

Are you coming to the CTG Meeting?
Yes!! :congrats:
No!! :no:
Dont know yet... :rotate:
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