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About Us
Welcome to ctgmusic.com !

The ctgmusic.com website is a free music community page sharing completely legal mp3 and other music source files free to download. Our goal is to provide advanced systems for experienced and beginner musicians to promote themselves, their music in the site and as being part of the community, listen and review other artists, share or gain knowledge, chat and discuss issues with others, in a friendly environment.

If you sign in, you will have your own advanced artist page where you can add songs (sorry, no upload), familiarize it with your story, artist picture, news, polls, guestbook, you can access statistics and your song will be played in our radio. We guarantee that your song will be reviewed by artists very quickly and if you are active on the site, we guarantee that you will find good friends, valuable comments and ideas.

We are sure that there are things here for you to enjoy, so where can you begin?

You can browse our newest songs, where you can search on genre name, artist name, you can even filter your results to the program used by the artists. You can check our charts, where in the top 100 charts you can check the hottest tracks today, while you can also check the best rated or the most downloaded songs. Or you can check our promo songs, which shows the tracks of our most active artists.

Please check our forums, where you can find topics from general scene issues to non music related fun topics. You can freely add news and if it is scene or music related, we put it on the main site. You can browse our links archive where you may find interesting websites.

Please feel free to add your banner or we are pleased if you spread the popularity of this site by adding our banner to you site.

Please sign up on our newsletter, and you will know periodically our latest site news.

We hope that these things will keep you busy for a while. And if you like the site, we are sure you will like it even more in the future. We have plenty of ideas to further develop ourselves adding new exciting features, such as community pages, sample area, even compos. If you have suggestions, please share your ideas in our suggestion board.

If you have questions, please contact the administration.

And finally, have fun!

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