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Prices for advertising on ctgmusic.com
We have two ways of advertising where pricing is involved.
Custom advertising, where the price is variable and can only be determined based on the agreement between you and us after we have a plan for your advertising campaign.

Pay per click or pay per impression, where the price depends on the amount of clicks/impressions you buy:

Impressions Euro/Impression Price
- 10,000 0.003€ 30.00€
- 20,000 0.00275€ 55.00€
- 30,000 0.00250€ 75.00€
- 40,000 0.00225€ 90.00€
- 50,000 0.002€ 100.00€
- 100,000 0.00150€ 150.00€

Clicks Euro/Click Price
- 100 0.3€ 30.00€
- 200 0.275€ 55.00€
- 300 0.250€ 75.00€
- 400 0.225€ 90.00€
- 500 0.2€ 100.00€

What is a click and what is an impression:
  • Click represents 1 click on your banner. Each visitor can click only once per day.
  • Impression represents 1 exposure of your banner. Exposures are not limited per visitor.

For single banner you can choose either pay per click or pay per impression system.
You can decide to have multiple banners at same time, where you can have different pay per click or pay per impression rate for each banner.

We will provide you advanced statistics system, where you will be able check number of daily clicks and impressions with demographic info and IP login for each click.

You will also be able to set up to 3 different pictures/flash animations for each banner, which will be shown randomly. You will be able to change settings for your banner anytime you want.
You will be able to select custom pages where your banner should be shown.

Terms of use:
  • Payment is done using bank transfer with no additional costs.
  • Advertisement can start after we receive your payment.
  • You can decide the exact date, when the advertising should start.

Please use this email address: acecream@ctgmusic.com for all additional questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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