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Gopher's diary

Music, holiday, brevity :blah:
As for the first, I'm giving up music for 2 years. I can't write in these conditions, so in about 2 years I should have a new house and a mortgage and hopefully better conditions, or at least thats the plan. If conditions are same or worse, maybe I'll call it a day and sell up.

On the bright side, I'm going to Madeira tomorrow. Woohoo!
DateWednesday 20 Sep. 2006 (7:51)

01/06/06 - All good things come to an end :eyes:
DateThursday 01 Jun. 2006 (22:34)

Revelations, challenges :blah:
DateWednesday 04 Jan. 2006 (22:34)

16/09/2005 - Writing for an orchestra :blah:
16/09/2005 - Writing for an orchestra, Part 1

I figured this would be a cool place to keep a log of my escapades that I can mirror on my HP if this ever comes work (and if it doesn't, I can neatly shuffle it under the carpet :) .

I had another visit to the Music Centre today, 3rd time... no, fourth time counting that time in 2003, since I started uni in 2000. I had a (very) brief chat to a nice chap on the admin side of things, and when I said that I wasn't looking about playing he knew what I was talking about. The good thing that I tell is that when I mentioned the possibility of contributing something outside of a performing capacity, he didn't seem to surprised (perhaps only at the timing) so I get the feeling that it's not *that* unusual. I think he even mentioned that they get it sometimes from their undergrad students, so I can just slot in there.

Being as afraid of rejection or outright failure as anyone else (possibly more so, as a testament to my pair of grey hairs) I can only see this in good light, I suppose. I mean, they haven't said "No" yet.

Only problem was, being still out of term (which I wish I was too) there wasn't anyone there to have a proper chat to; result: Come back when term starts, which is about 3 weeks time.

At least I have time to actually write something and figure all this out.
DateFriday 16 Sep. 2005 (10:17)

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