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#gennick[SSSISSVSYISS] 15 Mar. 2008
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Guesttramadol scream online

Good luck 14 Jan. 2006
Oi! I go away for a few weeks and you go and get yourselves signed to a label! Hehe - well, congratulations both! You deserve it. Good luck! :martini:

;) 06 Dec. 2005
Congratulations on your current record label interest and success, although, I have to say, its not totally unexpected.
See you in the smoking parlour, Gentlemen.
Artistlord wallace

:) 21 Nov. 2005
thx, I'im on it :) doing some reviews of non reviewed songs at the moment, I think I'll upload one more tonight. And feel free to write also review of sun freezer  ;)

Thank you:-) 19 Nov. 2005
Thank you very much. I will check out your music also. Thank you for the compliments:-)

Thanx man! 15 Nov. 2005
Hey, thanx! I've been scrambling equipment for years, so I finally have something I can call a studio. Of course, talent does not improve with equipment, I guess you and your brother are good examples of this.. because even for my studio, I haven't produced a track powerful enough to compare with Insomniac.  ;)

I like my simple homepage too, thanx. :)

THX 08 Nov. 2005
ooh :geek: im really surprised...thx a lot dude...For every review from you. Stay tuned :beer:

Many Thanks 05 Nov. 2005
Hey thanks in thA HOUSE !

:bravo: 18 Oct. 2005
"stupid" would be the last thing that`d pop into my mind about 300 reviews in 6 months  ;) Good job :martini:

now I got it! :idea: 19 Sep. 2005
so Carl is 19, Martin 24 :D

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