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Dimlight Alley Crew 30 May. 2009
Howcome DAC isn't alive anymore?

godisreal site 27 Dec. 2008
Does it offend you in any kind of way?

You the man! 12 May. 2006
Dope, you the man! :martini:
GuestQuanitz Silverleaf

Thanks 12 May. 2006
Thanks a lott for review :)
Yes, you are right about poor mastering. Perhaps it took too much time to construct this song (I do not have keyboard and never use samples), so... when things have come to the mastering my patience was runned out :badday: ... next time I'l try to be more accurate.
ArtistReal Maumas

too bad.. 06 Jan. 2006
hmmm.... people here just cant stand critics.. but.. its no loss i tell you ! lots of other sites that CAN take critics.. fuck this site.. i left a long time ago.. i just came to check on new hardstyle tracks.. :)

anyways. if you want you can add me on msn..


i like you !! 06 Jan. 2006
nice replies on that topic about the new trance mix !!
i also think its too much trance around here.. they shouldn't whine about you having another oppinion.
i would really like a hip hop mix, hardstyle mix or maybe even classical... jazz would be great too !
but i think you made a good point in that topic... i'm outta here.. CTGmusic is getting REALLY sucky lately



Songs 14 Aug. 2005
you had more songs on CTG... why you took them down? :?:

HB! 04 Jun. 2005
I wish you the best on your birthday's day! :beer:

Happee birthday! 04 Jun. 2005

yo! 04 Jun. 2005
happy bday dude! :gift:

ya dig? :)

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