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thanks 18 Jun. 2004
thanks a lot, Storm! :beer:

Hi! 15 Jun. 2004
Happy Birthday! :martini:
ArtistStorm 3003

Das Boot 18 Feb. 2003
I you know who made the great music for Das Boot, please tell me... I'd like to credit this man here... thx

mods incoming 16 Feb. 2003
Sorry, but I'm not going to mess my poor webspace with mp3s... instead I'm gonna start uploading my older XM trax, ... hope some people will be able to play those... :D
And I also hope that some time in the future, you'll try Psycle, because there will be much more good music in this format... :cool:

file format ! 06 Feb. 2003
I suggest u release your tracks in mp3 format , because very few use psycle , also I am not , and not planning to install it for just listening a few tracks :)

welcome to my thoughts-box 29 Jan. 2003
This messages are being redirected right into my brain-explorer. Anything you want to tell me, write it here and I will think about some response.
... blah, blah, blah... :blah: :)

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