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Why was this summer special to you?
The most parties I were at (12)
The most parties I were atThe most parties I were at 19%
The most people I met (9)
The most people I metThe most people I met 15%
The most music I composed (21)
The most music I composedThe most music I composed 34%
The most hangover I had (3)
The most hangover I hadThe most hangover I had 5%
The most boring it was (17)
The most boring it wasThe most boring it was 27%
62 votes 20 comments

At how many music communites are you active?
only in CTG (33)
only in CTGonly in CTG 32%
im in a few big portals (60)
im in a few big portalsim in a few big portals 58%
ten or more (1)
ten or moreten or more 1%
im not really active anywhere (9)
im not really active anywhereim not really active anywhere 9%
103 votes 30 comments

Why do you go to clubs / concerts?
Dance and girls :girl: (28)
Dance and girls :girl:Dance and girls :girl: 22%
Drinking (a lot) :drunk: (14)
Drinking (a lot) :drunk:Drinking (a lot) :drunk: 11%
Purely for music :dj: (39)
Purely for music :dj:Purely for music :dj: 31%
Dunno, I just go :cool: (9)
Dunno, I just go :cool:Dunno, I just go :cool: 7%
I don't, should I? :eyes: (36)
I don't, should I? :eyes:I don't, should I? :eyes: 29%
126 votes 27 comments

Do you prefer hardware or software in music?
Mainly software (48)
Mainly softwareMainly software 40%
Mainly hardware (11)
Mainly hardwareMainly hardware 9%
Both is a good combination (50)
Both is a good combinationBoth is a good combination 42%
I'd use more hardware (5)
I'd use more hardwareI'd use more hardware 4%
I don't know (5)
I don't knowI don't know 4%
119 votes 40 comments

How long holidays do you plan to take this summer?
couple of days (6)
couple of dayscouple of days 8%
a week or two (16)
a week or twoa week or two 23%
a month (12)
a montha month 17%
whole summer (25)
whole summerwhole summer 35%
no holidays for me :no: (12)
no holidays for me :no:no holidays for me :no: 17%
71 votes 20 comments

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