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Song Info:
Artist: mr_lou
Title: Abnormal Perfection
(4 reviews)
Page views: 1583

Artist Comment:
This is a relaxing electronic laid-back rhythmic piece, difficult to name the style since it has touches of various genres. What would you call this style?


Definition of “normal”:
<em>being approximately average or within certain limits in e.g. intelligence and development; "a perfectly normal child"; "of normal intelligence"; "the most normal person I've ever met"</em>

I find that most people strive for perfection every day. They seek to live “the perfect life”, without really knowing what that is. They do have some idea, that it includes being better than the neighbour, mostly focussing on money and wealth. But on a subconscious level, all they’re really trying to do is to fit into that little box named Normal. They don’t want to “stand out”. In reality they’re just trying to “do what everyone else is doing”. It matters a great deal to them, what other people think of them. And they consider everyone who’s not following the crowd to be abnormal.

I chat with a few people on a daily basis. Some of these people would hardly fit into that box named Normal, and that’s probably why I find them so interesting. They are not afraid to share their own thoughts and ideas, even though it has given them disappointments and pain many times in the past doing so. They are polite and friendly, despite of the often opposite behaviour they receive in return. You will find no aggressive counter-attitude with these people.
I’m tempted to say that they dare to be different, but the truth is that it’s not really a decision anyone can make about themselves. Various circumstances through up life cause you to become who you are. However these circumstances have been doesn’t really matter. What’s important is who you are today.
Because these people aren’t afraid to go their own way, nothing prohibits them from living life without self-made borders. They ask questions where others remain silent, and they express themselves where others remain inactive. They do not try to hide their dark sides or their flaws. Of course they get hurt, like everyone else, when someone shows up with unpleasant remarks, but they do not change themselves on that ground. They do not choose silence or inactivity, despite constant corrections and “guidelines” thrown in their face by the crowd, and that my friend, is perfection to me. That is how I believe God intended for us to live our lives.

This one is a tribute to my special friends out there, hanging tough in this weird stressed out world with confused people in panic and anxiety, constantly trying to convince themselves that they’re on the right track. This is me claiming that; being considered to be abnormal by the crowd is a very good thing. Perfection is when nothing can influence your life to go in any other direction than your own.

As usual I offer some help in how you could interpret the track. This is just one way of listening. Make up your own if you feel like it. :-)

0:00 Discovering yourself
1:48 Expressing yourself
3:16 Interrupted and knocked over by hostile surroundings
4:05 Getting back on your feet
4:30 Continuing in the same path stronger than before

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Review this song! - Song Reviews (4):

ArtistCeox (trance) 27 Sep. 2007
This reminds in the first few seconds of UnkleJam's "What are you waiting for"- song. This is very original music; you don't hear stuff like this much. The E-Piano is working very well and the 'chopping' of it is well accomplished. The drums are very nice and soft. I like them. Very simple but still very efficient. The chordpatterns of the e-piano are very funky and well working. You would just like to dance with them. Relaxe :) Probably a genre, you just invented. Not just the name, but also the style. Well I don't know if someone has a similar style to this. Anyhow, back to this song. The piano doesn't fit in so well. Or it would've to be mixed better. This song really works. You succeeded to make a really groovy song. I have to give this one a 9½ Near to perfect!
Rating: (9.5)

Artistkrayzkrok (various) 04 Jul. 2006
I really like this track. It tells an interesting story, although it's one that you have to help write yourself. I like it when music asks me to do that, because being spoonfed all the time gets a bit tiresome.

The introduction isn't particularly inspiring, but it quickly establishes interest within the first few bars with a funky groove that becomes something of a repeating refrain throughout the entire piece (although aided by different instruments).

It's the reggae-like groove that makes its appearance about a quarter of the way in that particularly appeals to me, particularly when it's overlaid by a flowing string accompaniment. Every embellishment over this seems to drift by the senses, because this is one of those pieces where the overall feeling just takes you, and you find yourself wandering within its universe.

I also like the various changes of mood, because they are never prolonged, never seeming out of place, and always adding interest.

I apologise if this sounds like one of those overly pretentious reviews you occasionally read by pretentious music journalists! But I'm writing this while listening to the piece for about the sixth time in a row and it's clearly rubbing off on me.

I just think there's a nice, relaxed creativity going on in this piece, and it soothes my mind. The production here is all good, with a nice use of the stereo field throughout. I think the introduction could have done with a bit more character, because I like introductions that make you think the piece you're about to listen to is special, and really this one doesn't do that.

But overall it's a great track. Certainly not perfection, but perhaps abnormal perfection indeed....
Rating: (8.5)

Memberruifig (trance) 22 Jan. 2006
My first review ever....
I'm just a listener, not a composer, so don't expect too much technical details.

The thing that makes this song unique to me certainnly is the beat.
The song starts with a simple yet unique beat, from which more elements are added progressively. Nice stereo image.  ;)

When the beat is all up and running, a piano enters the scene, and with only a few notes here and there, creates a nice melody. I wouldn't mind a few more piano notes here, but notheless, sounds great.

At 1:43 the piano stops, and so the main beat for a brief seconds, just to restart again. Nice....
At 2:11 another instrument enters the melody. Fits nicelly with the beat..
After a while the piano enters again, playing the same as before, it seems.
At 3:20, the song suddenly changes into a somewhat dark mood. Don't like it that much...
After a while, the song progressively changes into the old mood, with the help of the piano once again, and later with what seems like a violin (not sure). Nice... Sounds great.

From there to the end, the same nice beat...

From the few songs I heard from you, most have a peculiar beat. Seems like a personal touch.  ;)

Overall, the song transmits a nice and very relaxing feeling. It should make any listener's day brigther.

Sorry for the lack of technical details. My first review ever.
I'm just a listener, so the rating reflects my global appreciation.
And I loved the song.
Some people with more technical knowledge might disagree.
Rating: (9.0)

ArtistJohn Marwin (various) 14 Jan. 2006

The introductory melodies are a bit on the average side, but quickly
gets reinforced with some nice filtered synths and a rather nice sounding piano. (a little tip would be to try some chords with that piano) Then the melody takes a turn for the ragga tip style, and it does so with a nice transition aswell. Later another instrument is added aswell into the mix, and the sound at this point is actually pretty complex and sounds very appealing in it's soundscape. Then, the tune takes yet another turn , but this time it goes into a more sinister sounding soundscape, and then it sort of snaps back into the "original groove" again, which is a sort of letdown for me. But, then the song again makes a change for the better, this time with some very nice orchestral strings that really enhance the sound alot at this point. And, as a sort of "haha, f00led j00!" gesture, the author takes the theme back into the ragga tip groove and fades it into a nice ending!

Effects handling, volume and equalization in this track is flawless
which is a big plus aswell! (especially those effects!)


The drums begin similarlity to the melody, that is a catious groove that is slightly on the duller side. But as with the melodies, the beat gets reinforced ever so slightly until it has a nice full groove going on.
Then as the tune takes it's trip into ragga land, one would expect that the drums would change alot to reflect this right? Well, both yes and no, the author wisely chooses to retain the original groove to some extent, but in my opinion, the ragga groove part should have some more difference in drums to further mark it's genre.
Then as the song makes a break towards middle of it, the beats again change to reflect this. But as before, the drums need to go that extra little mile to fully mirror the melodies alteration.
Then as the melodies lash out again, the same old beat comes back again, and this time it's actually starting to be a bit grating on one's nerves.

--Overall Impression--

This song is rather nice, perhaps not my cup of tea in general, but I can still see that it's got alot of good points going for it.
Mainly, the song can be described as a collection of themes, which the author also states aswell. These themes are then transitioned really well, but that only applies to the melodies since the drums don't really go that extra length!

If you're looking for a song which is really relaxing and that has a nice "ganja groove" as I call it, you'd really make yourself a favour by checking this one out.

[Man, big up for dis ganja groove!]
Rating: (8.0)

Extra Info:
Genre: Electro, Relaxe
Length: 5 min 54 sec
Release year: January 2006
Made using: Skale Tracker
File location: www.dewfall.dk
Added: 11 Jan. 2006
Download Options:
File size: 6964 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: Download this song (save as)
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 8.75
Total downloads: 173
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 3rd
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Comments (7):
ArtistCeox [27th. September 16:34] []
Yeah, a really cool song indeed. Didn't have time for a long review unfortunately, but I hope that one was long enough for you. Thanks for making this  ;)
Artistmr_lou [11th. July 4:45] []
Thanks for the feedback PLAYB. :)
MemberPLAYB [10th. July 20:45] []
Hi, I again, as promised I gave a listen to your track and well... I can see that you have made an amazing progress!, I liked very much the ambient version though I can see a lot of potential in this one too.

Just keep it up! :-)
Artistmr_lou [4th. July 14:26] []
Hi krayzkrok.
You’re being active with the reviews today, hehe. :)
Thank you for this very positive review. It is much appreciated!
Artistmr_lou [23rd. January 1:18] []
Thanks for the review ruifiq. Not at all a bad review. :-)
Much appreciated! And thanks your your other comments also. Nice to see people are signing up for my mailing list also. :-)
ArtistJohn Marwin [23rd. January 0:10] []
@ ruifiq, your review is good even though it doesn't cover any technicals, you clearly state what you like, plus what you dislike with the song. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go :D
Artistmr_lou [14th. January 17:15] []
Hi John. Thanks for the review and analysis. :-) Glad you like it.
I see your point with the drums. They could have followed the themes more by using different drum-samples. Didn't think about it, but I will remember the tip for another track. :-)
Thanks again.

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