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Song Info:
Artist: maxus
Title: Andromeda
(1 review)
Page views: 4159

Artist Comment:
MadTracker 2.6 + free vst , hope you enjoy it :)

Review this song! - Song Reviews (1):

AdministratorxTr1m (fantasy) 14 Jan. 2006
:mail: New review!

Well well well, nice misterious sounds right from the beginning! I already like how the atmosphere starts. And those weird delayed leads also playing misterious notes, makes me think of spacey landscape.
Nice chillout drum- and bassline you introduce there, simple yet good.
I like the detail put into this song... the noises, the scratches, percussion changes, sweeps, pitch slides, vibratos, everything is present. It's both good ambient to listen too, and good chillout to... well :) chill out. Although it stays at d-minor almost all the time, it variates so much, giving you enough but not too much of everything.

I can't find much to complain about, this is good ambient, good quality, well mixed, extremely well composed, not at all boring. I'd just have liked some harmony variations, but that's just my personal taste. I guess this is a double thumbs up for this one :yes: :up:

Overall score:
Arrangement: 10
Mixdown: 10
Quality: 10
Creativity: 9
Feeling: 9
Rating: (9.5)

Extra Info:
Genre: Ambient, Chillout
Length: 8 min 0 sec
Release year: January 2006
Made using: MadTracker 2.6
File location: maxus.untergrund.net
Added: 13 Jan. 2006
Download Options:
File size: 10433 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: not avaliable
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 9.5
Total downloads: 158
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 1st
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Comments (6):
Guests [10th. March 18:41] []
Nice spacey begining to this song, has a bit of experimental keyboard work around the 1 min mark then full bodied keyboarding at the 2 min mark. Vibrant back beat gives it just enough umph to be danced to.

Really takes off after the first 3 minutes, not quite club, but close. Good tune for long distant drivin' on the highway.

Guestblz [13th. February 2:58] []
some nice ambient sounds, puted together in a quite nice manner.good one.pozdrawiam.
Artistkrayzkrok [14th. January 14:39] []
Great choon maxus! I'd review it but xtr1m has summed it up nicely. You establish a nice atmosphere and then hit the gas! 9/10 from me :)
Artistmaxus [14th. January 13:05] []
thnx xTr1m for review and Cts & Fireblade for a comments :)
MemberFireblade [14th. January 10:29] []
Hey nice song. Very chillin with nice warm pads and a nice melody in it. Beat works fine and and the bassline is nice too. This creates a nice atmosphere. Keep up the good work  ;)
Artistcactoos [14th. January 5:14] []

the best ambient song of last few weeks on the ctg imho... perfect job, mxs. keep going dude! respect!

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