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Song Info:
Artist: maxus
Title: River World
(1 review)
Page views: 3709

Artist Comment:
River World is a one of my fav SF book... this world and story inspired me to create this song, first part live in earth, sec, time of death and last... new live in magical river wolrd , so pls enjoy it :)

please play on XmPlay, winamp sux  ;)


Review this song! - Song Reviews (1):

MemberViba (various) 07 Mar. 2006

Excellent work my friend..Not quite an Ambeamic "Ambient Symphony" but pretty close. This tune, at over 11 mins, is quite an epic.

The artist successfully potrays a sense of a journey and although I didnt clearly sense the transistions described in the track info, there are enough twists and turns in this tune to keep the listener engaged, or at least entertained while do something else ( I was working to this)

I really like the dubby bass near the beginnig, it reminds me of Orb & FSOL, in fact, this tune does have a FSOL feel about it.

The lead that is introduced shortly after does hit a few weird unexpected notes.

Then everything else is sweet.

Good effort that pays off.
Rating: (8.5)

Extra Info:
Genre: Ambient, Chillout, Electro
Length: 11 min 17 sec
Release year: March 2006
Made using: MadTracker 2.6
File location: maxus.untergrund.net
Added: 04 Mar. 2006
Download Options:
File size: 14137 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: not avaliable
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 8.5
Total downloads: 94
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 3rd
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Comments (5):
ArtistPredator [5th. March 12:18] []
Don`t quarell guys :D I listened it on winamp and xmplay and can see only small difference.
I think, this song is really good, it have great space inside, all sounds are considered, matching to the rest. Nice beat. I can imagine this river world now, when I have listened it 2 times.
Greetings! :)
Artistmaxus [4th. March 13:39] []
ArtistAmBeam [4th. March 13:16] []
lol jak moze podbijac? :D odtwarzacz korzysta bezposrednio z directsound (lub innego diwajsa) wiec nie ma mozliwosci abys czul jakakolwiek roznice hehe  ;)
Artistmaxus [4th. March 10:03] []
bo w winampie zauważyłem ze podbija mi wysokie freq, chociaz czekam na komentsy apropo jakości, bo chyba musze popoprawiać:)
ArtistAmBeam [4th. March 10:00] []
"please play on XmPlay, winamp sux" lol, why you think so? :) What is the difference between mp3 sound in winamp/xmplay? :)

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