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Song Info:
Artist: Chris Plorán (nepsus)
Title: Ancestral Home
(1 review)
Page views: 4890

Artist Comment:
"How am i gonna take it away in this winter wind?
You found me on a summer breeze.
How am i gonna run away when the autumn breaks,
now that you found me in the spring?"
-Mat Kearney

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ArtistPartySan (various) 20 Jan. 2007
:mail: You have a new review!

- melodies
- arrangement
- feeling

- click in the background

Back from a pretty creepy and disturbing horror film, time for reviewing.

First of all, I'd like to say the comment about Yasunori Mitsuda is very accurate in this case  ;)

With that said, back to the track.

The track opens straight away with a calm guitar melody and some backing strings. The guitar melodies show off some ambient influences, but the flute is definitely anchored in fantasy. The flute is a welcome addition in my opinion, completing the mood the backing instrumental aimed at.

Everytime the song changes keys, I just get this feeling that it took days to write them. They're all placed so well, and flow great.

So far, the song makes me think of a montage. Specifically, a montage of a man and his girlfriend, the kind you find in many Hollywood movies :)

At 1.37, the arrangement changes. A rhodes and a small choir in the background pick up the original arrangement. Then, the guitar comes back in, and the rhodes plays the flute melody more or less. I don't know why but this part is very effective.

2.18 - the guitar "drops" a few notes down and a new arrangement comes in. Again, the melodies are nothing short of awesome. Though, I keep hearing a sort of click in the background. Is it a percussion instrument or from the soundfont?

The song ends without much fanfare, the instruments simply fading away. In my view, this is good. The opposite, say, a huge pseudo-"majestic" orchestral "freak-out" would've spoiled the song's atmosphere (which has been consistent thoughout).

The final analysis
arrangement 10/10 - a simple, stark but effective arrangement. "Stripped-down" is a word that I would use to describe it.
bass 8.5/10 - I didn't like the bass playing at some high notes for some reason.
beat - what beat?
creativity 9.5/10 - a particularly memorable RPG-sounding track, given that there are many RPG-like tracks "out there".
drums - just a click or something.
feeling 10/10 - This song is full of good vibrations :)
melody 10/10 - again, very memorable and excellent.
samples 9/10 - great use of samples, though I didn't like the short reverb on the ProTrax guitar.
skills 10/10 - this is FL Studio we're talking about. He knows a lot.
sound 9/10 - good mixing and mastering. I don't know why but I kept hearing the flute as being louder than the guitar and strings.
structure 9/10 - a bit of a "standard" structure, but that's not a bad thing here at all.
quality 10/10

How I would improve
1. remove the click

Highly recommended track :up:
Rating: (9.5)

Extra Info:
Genre: Fantasy, RPG
Length: 3 min 22 sec
Release year: July 2006
Made using: FL Studio 6
File location: www.suspenlute.com
Added: 15 Jul. 2006
Download Options:
File size: 4857 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: not avaliable
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 9.5
Total downloads: 336
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 1st
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Comments (9):
Guestrz [7th. January 17:25] []
It's a truly wonderful piece! I was browsing through the net looking for great fantasy songs and I never expected to hear something as marvelous as this. Reminds me of my childhood, when I used to play RPG from my PS1. Great job!
Artistnepsus [27th. December 20:15] []
For the record, there is a "click" in the ProTrax guitar but I think I've gotten pretty good at masking it. You're probably hearing the clave, which I'll eventually replace with a much lower-pitched instrument to avoid the clickyness.
ArtistPartySan [20th. January 22:19] []
I've listened to the track some more and found a complaint. Is that a bad thing? :D
ArtistPartySan [20th. January 20:15] []
Okay. I'll write (or at least try to) something in-depth and not embarassing to read tomorrow. Right now I want to watch a Japanese horror film.
ArtistSilent Protagonist [20th. January 16:46] []
ArtistPartySan [20th. January 7:57] []
SP: I'm lazy as shite  ;) But I can leave a review... and I may try. But you'll owe me one back :)
ArtistSilent Protagonist [19th. January 20:06] []
Why oh why must you keep leaving me 10/10 comments instead of 10/10 reviews? </sarcasm> :) Thanks in any case, I'm very happy to know you enjoy my music.

And yeah it's ProTrax, although I think my tune "Third Dawn" makes much better use of it than this one.
ArtistPartySan [19th. January 16:02] []
Great arrangement. No complaints. Straight 10.

The guitar sounds like a soundfont I used once too.

Is it the ProTrax Classical?
ArtistRichard Durand [15th. July 23:28] []
Good work. It sounds like a very happy song, I like it.

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