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Song Info:
Artist: RedHeat (m0d)
Title: Marwinia Forever
(1 review)
Page views: 6069

Artist Comment:
As the dreaming boy stood at the edge of the gaping maw, within a mighty battle raged. Marwinia goes on forever, there is no escape from it afterall.

Enjoy :)

Review this song! - Song Reviews (1):

Artistcrimson (various) 06 Jan. 2007
Very nice composition. I liked the undulating horns at the beginning. The piano also brought a nice touch to the song. The instrumentation works very well, and the sounds are of top quality. The flute was really outstanding.

The musical texture remains rather light throughout the composition; there aren't any really massive parts in the whole song with many instruments playing at the same time. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just something I noitced. The overall feeling is quite light and comfortable. However, I missed a distinctive climax in the piece, which could perhaps be created with those massive parts I mentioned, or by creating more variation in the volume levels.

My favourite part of the piece is the beginning. Later there are also good parts, but somehow the beginning really stuck out. After a few listens I couldn't conceive a very clear connection between the various parts of the piece, except for the sound and mood. It could also be because of the length of the composition, which makes it harder to keep track of everything which goes on in it.

About the length: maybe the piece could use a little reduction, but it really wasn't a hard listen as it is.

To conclude, this is a thoroughly enjoyable piece, and my only gripes concern the slight lack of consistency, and the lack of a clear climax. Sounds are very good, and there isn't much anything wrong with the musical material presented. Good work!
Rating: (8.0)

Extra Info:
Genre: Orchestral, Fantasy
Length: 8 min 30 sec
Release year: November 2006
Made using: ?
File location: red-heat.com
Added: 06 Nov. 2006
Download Options:
File size: 12000 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: not avaliable
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 8
Total downloads: 203
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 2nd
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Comments (10):
GuestMaLaY [5th. February 18:31] []
Hey RH. the way you are going, i seems that soon you are going to be my favourite artiste. i loved he way the music undulates and merges, like the flute with the piano. the short and distinct pauses are used very imaginatively and to great effect, almost opera like. great music. loved it. thank for this beauty. with love. malay.
GuestJojo (Saga Musix) [10th. November 22:32] []
Hey hey, this is just a great tune - I enjoyed it :) :)
GuestSoulEye [7th. November 16:39] []
Very enjoyable!
GuestDrillGuard [7th. November 16:34] []
great tune! :)
StaffRedHeat [7th. November 16:21] []
Thanks guys, dfast especially, there are issues and i think the main one that causes the most grief is that i actually fell out with this (as many of you heard) when my wife got ill after spending just a weeks worth of evenings composing the first 7 minutes. So meant I ended up with a piece of music which suddenly stopped, and 3 months on, i needed to let it go, so yeah - some things aren't and will never be perfect in this.

It was mah first real go at trying to do something complicated (at least, it was complicated to me, i have no musical theory or notation skills shit like that) so its all been made up as i went along.

There's about 3 minutes in total of stuff that got chopped completely, which was a bit dissapointing, but it just didn't feel right to include, oh well... there's always next time around - at least i have learned a few tricks and stuff in this experimental piece :yes:

This was also my first piece composed in Sonar 5. Yikes, what a difference (needed the darn folders for tracks, cos in Cakewalk 9 it got a real irritating having to scroll up and down 90 or so midi channel tracks. :yes:

Again, thanks for listening, and if you enjoyed it then I am very happy and I won't go and kill myself. :yes: :yes: :up: :D
ArtistZepsi [6th. November 21:52] []
:up: :up:
Artisttyr [6th. November 19:55] []
Fantastic and great fantasy soundtrack, still I have to say it wasn't as teletubbic as your other stuff :)
Artistdfast [6th. November 18:54] []
this is really lovely stuff. apart from the snare sound, everything is perfectly in balance. didn't get too huge goosebumps tho, so perhaps a little tweaking with the themes and melodies could do the superb trick. anyways, perfect soundtrack material!
ArtistVoid Pointer [6th. November 18:44] []
This rocks.
Administratorslammy [6th. November 13:22] []
it's goddamn excellent. bloody excellent I tell you. If you dont like this, then you're gay.

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