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Song Info:
Artist: Zepsi
Title: Freddy and the Fireflies
(5 reviews)
Page views: 4625

Artist Comment:
A piece of music depicting Freddy and those fireflies.

Review this song! - Song Reviews (5):

ArtistLittleElk (various) 05 Apr. 2004
It's every kid's favourite TV show: Freddy and The Fireflies! Gather round kids, this will be hilarious!

And it is hilarious! Just keep thinking about the images that must come with such a musical expression. I nearly laugh myself silly.

The opening is nifty, the simple but effective percussion sets a comic bossa-nova pace and the notes follow suit. The shear playfulness and creativity is almost as overwhelming as the undeniably original expression.
Zepsi is always scared silly he might use something already composed when he's creating his music, and this is the result:
A hard-working artist pushing old musical and arrangement conventions aside to create something truly original. A search for a personal voice.

About the sound I can relay to you, the reader, that it is all carefully mixed and all the levels seemes neat. The percussive element might stand out a little better methinks, but Zepsi usually takes a simple approach to it. In any case it's the musical element that is in focus, the percussive element only underlines it.

If you have thoughts about blowing your brains out, this song is a sure shot!
(No pun intended!) :whale: :elefant:
Rating: (8.5)

ArtistPrometheus (hardcore) 04 Mar. 2004
kinda a nice caribean feel to this track. I was a little scared by the "other" category but this is a nice song with a lot of interesting changes. The instruments harmonize nicely and would be a good song for that "day in the sun" or for a mood change on a rainy day.This track elevated my mood greatly. Good job Zepsi
Rating: (8.0)

MemberSzartd (classical) 13 Apr. 2003
hehe childrens music ? Something like Bob the Buillder :?: :D
Hehe sound nice man (again) , pretty impressive composing skills and nice melodies !
Imaging some kids playing with some toys and throwing it to the teacher and all stuff like that, yes then the track would work out fine !
Not just kidding man ! VEry nice track nice melodies , maybe too much " keyboard" sounding but very nice notes you are playing here !
Rating: (7.0)

ArtistSlog (various) 08 Mar. 2003
this one is very good!
Just try to somthing like this, is freaking impossible.
all those sounds who fits togehter it's just fucking genius!
progressiv childrens music lol what a genre i newer heard anything like it!

The saxofone or what it is plays a nice melody too you should take a listen to thisone!
But why does the song end so quick. if it havent end so quick it would have getted a better rate som zepsi do somthing about the end.
Rating: (9.0)

ArtistMatthijsB (house) 10 Feb. 2003
at the start I wanted to get rid of this track as fast as possible... so I went browsing and kept the song playing because i forgot to stop it  ;)
And then I noticed this song isn't so bad after al... actually I quite like it :) ... the beats are fairly simple... the overall happyness right is off the charts :D All the instruments except voor te drum things sound very Midi-ish... not really a problem though it fits the song great... love this one... totally different from what i got in my PC.. This piece would fit right into and old classic computer game Transport Tycoon imo :)
nice stuph... not much to comment on but i do think this could be better in some way (just don't ask me in what wey;))
Rating: (8.0)

Extra Info:
Genre: Other, Progressive Children's Music
Length: 3 min 2 sec
Release year: 2003
Made using: ?
File location: old.outpostmusic.com
Added: 30 Jan. 2003
Download Options:
File size: 3563 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: Download this song (save as)
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 8.1
Total downloads: 144
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 5th
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