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Song Info:
Artist: Lucipher
Title: Theme From the Devils Own [Lucipher Re-Edit]
(5 reviews)
Page views: 3415

Artist Comment:
Originally created by James Horner for the movie "The Devil's Own". Give it a go and tell me what you think. Comments are always welcome! / Andy :yes:

Review this song! - Song Reviews (5):

Membergeniewiz (trance) 08 Mar. 2004
Intro: Pretty good, picks up really nicely, I like the way you used the filters on the synths, sounds really heavy! The background is pretty good and the snares rolls are nice too. Percussion is great! The transitions are pretty good and so are the FX. At 1:42, the track sounds PERFECT with that flute! I swear it sounded like it was inspired from Trance Nation's Braveheart track. The flute added a Scottish feeling or something to the track and so did the synths that came in, excellent job there! Then when the drum loop begins and the synth arrives, it's pretty good, but I didn't like the transition you used. Still, nice arrangements and techniques used. Good melodies and supporting lines used. After the synth is filtered out though, there is a long period of just the background with drums, I think that was unnecessary and again when the synth comes back in, you should have used a more efficient transition. I like some of the repeats though, you added a lot more energy to the track this way! I don't like the siren you used by the way. The conclusion is kind of weak though, try to hype that up more. Anyway, overall, the track is just awesome with only a few minor flaws. This one is one of the best trance tracks I've heard on CTG so far!!
Rating: (9.0)

Artista98 (trance) 20 Jan. 2004
i like the effect in the start. the bassdrum is pretty good but it could be a bit louder since the hihats and all tend to be pretty loud. also the bassline was pretty nice, reminds me of airbase.

the effect saw that hits on every first is way overused and also it's a bit too loud, i cant' hear the synth that well.

the first break came too soon, the songs intros didn't really even start and it didn't get to progress to anything yet.

although the break itself is very nice. and the melody is great :)
very nice break..

the unenveloped synth kinda disappoined me, i was waiting for something very splashy and hitting supermegauber saw, but i guess this goes, maybe some filterenevelope to it though?

the main part is pretty nice. nice variation with snare rolls and other small stuff. the melody works. also the master isn't that good and this part you can hear it you overlimited this, for examples the crashes are very crashy indeed  ;) which isn't a good thing if they clip.

i would have wanted that nice flute sort of melody in the end too :( well anyways pretty driving track. it's not too classy, but it sounds pretty much like this germantrance general.

the biggest problem was the mastering, don't overlimit or compress your tracks.. if you wanna compress you gotta be careful, now the track is so loud that it sounds messy time to time. compress and limiting too little is better than too much.

anyway kinda cool melody, although sort of worked with the flute thing best (most original). but other than that not much for me, but i recommend this to everyone who enjoys alphazone and harder clubsmashers.
Rating: (8.0)

ArtistRAVE-n (trance) 17 Jan. 2004
This sounds quite nice for Reasoned tracks indeed. Some nice pad FX right at the start. Beat is nice, standard, but working excelently. Even some nice stereo :up: .
FX in intro makes up a promissing athmosphere
of a nice trancer, yet appregiator isnt something that would be driving, rather it tags along.
I feel there isn't enough tensioun built up before the breakdown. Nevertheless, voice opening a
break is really nice.
Nah... a clone of DJ Sakin Braveheart... but let it be. The really good overall production impression
suffers a bit from bad bagpipe(?) loop ( hold shift
in Reason while seting loop start/end for sample-accurate tunning  ;) ) You got really nice samples here in the break, sounds fascinating, especialy the bagpipe. The theme is gorgeous here, break is really a highlight of the track.
Hm... but the gorgeous theme doesn't work out at all with the trance synths :( like ND said in comments. Perhaps the arrangement of the overall melody is a bit old and common, or melody simply don't suit, or both. Or is it too reminescending of this celtic trance remixes style :) where all the songs sound exactly the same. Wouldn't know...
The steady part that comes next somehow works better in building tension than intro, yet it is completely the same. transition to break with filter in of the melody disturbed me. Perhaps it would be better to play just a riff of the melody, not the whole?
Anyway, Transition is great here, powerfull and tesion making. :up: Climax and song rolls out standard way.
The tune is really nicely produced tehnicaly. Nice mixing and mastering. Engeneeringly, sounds are nothing we havent heard before, everything is so standard sounding, but for quasi commercial trance DJ Sakin style it is nice, and the production is top! :up:
:down: for originality.

Apart of being produced excelently, this song is quite typical celtic trance both structure and production wise. I bet it can thrill some more "easy" listeners (see julii below  ;) ), but for more serious, it is remix-by-the-book-written-by-Sakin , and therfore pretty boring. And the melody itself perhaps isnt quite the best one there is for such attempt. Nice try tho, next time use your own creativity and made melodys yourself and produce a bit more interesting sounds. :up: for production!
Rating: (7.0)

Artistjulii (dance) 12 Jan. 2004
BEATS - start is soooo MAD... head bopping.... legs want to move great build awesome arps.

Still building.... expecting something now its quiet.... Oooooh Beautiful BEAUTIFUL.... reminds me of Braveheart by 'DJ Sakin and Friend' mind you this was one of the songs that got me into trance.... Love the wrong note thats pulls you....

Wow this is really awesome! Building again FAT strings great production, absolutely flawless... again I dont know if I am too nice or if ALL of you guys just rock!

Rating: (10.0)

ArtistBt_Me (trance) 04 Jan. 2004
This is a very well thought out trance track with a nice touch of melodic trance as well has some very nice melody's that just lift this track up that lilttle bit more than others with in this genre and since this is my 100th review. also makes this a lilttle bit more special lets get down to the track ..

*** arrangement creativity structure ***
Right from the start the beats just pump out which is a way does take off that edge,nice range of samples good synth's and strings are sweeping along then we hit a nice quiet part that has to be said is very well thought out adds that nice calm feeling then we get back in to the main melody's with that nice beat line,at some points the melodys reminde me of braveheart with the samples used, along with the strings some nice builds up's do add a lot of dance vibes with the awesome synth's playing away,the quality has some very nice production within the over all structure it's never easy to add varaiton to a track that runs for over 8 mins and at times this does run out of ideas but with the nice production values and the very good sound quality does help this along ..

*** feeling melody [My thoughts] ***
As a trance track this does live up to its gnere the beats are always there adding that vibe and bringing you into the world that this track lives in. the NRg has a lot of power and the main melody's with the synth's are very well placed and thought out,as said else where 8 mins is a long time to fill out and IMO the varaiton with in the maine theme does not really change the synth's are spot on as in the background fx's always adding that lift up factor.the only break we get from this is a very short melodic section which is very nice maybe a lilttle braveheart-ish in the sounds but this does add that needed break to give that nice melodic feeling,IMO just falls a lilttle short,since i have never heard of the movie i can only review on what i hear with in this track,i liked the way Theme From the Devils Own [Lucipher Re-Edit] comes across,the nl;y down side is i think the melodic sectin could have been a lilttle longer as this did add some nice impact where as the rest of the tune just lacks some varaiton with the maine melodys.overall very well thought out this will get your feet a moving to the beat well worth a download ..
Rating: (8.0)

Extra Info:
Genre: Trance, Melodic
Length: 8 min 30 sec
Release year: July 2003
Made using: Reason 2.5 T-Racks 2.4
File location: hem.passagen.se
Added: 04 Jan. 2004
Download Options:
File size: 9740 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: not avaliable
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 8.4
Total downloads: 124
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 9th
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Comments (6):
StaffNapuZ [5th. March 6:41] []
ahh very nice very nice!
ArtistRAVE-n [15th. February 9:48] []
Today I found a RPS source file of this that I must have Dl ed of the reasonstation... I actualy saw what this bagpipe really is :hail: ... strange it is looped bad .... guess not your fault really. But I woudn't recognize the sample really, sounds pretty authentical.
Artistblue_octagone [17th. January 22:20] []
good sampling, and skill, but need better flow, just want to feel it man
StaffN.D. [15th. January 17:29] []
Yep, along with H. Zimmer and R. Edelman.
I guess my J.H. favourites would be Titanic, Legends of the Fall, and some great animated movie scores...
ArtistLucipher [5th. January 23:38] []
N.D: So, you're also a fan of Horner? Since I saw "The Devil's Own" (which by the way sucked big time IMO) I fell in love with the theme. I actually thought the movie was good just because of the soundtrack :D

Anyway, maybe it wasn't ment to end up as a trance-track, but I started it once and couldn't stand it being undone. So I finished it the best I could. Thanx for listening btw!  ;) / Andy
GuestN.D. [5th. January 23:18] []
I love the soundtracks from James Horner, including this one. Your mix is pretty decent though you can hear the theme wasn't made to be trance if ya know what i mean  ;) Anyway, nice track :up:

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