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Song Info:
Artist: xTr1m
Title: Joy of the bright ones
(3 reviews)
Page views: 3297

Artist Comment:
This song participated in the first contest of http://www.united-tracker.de and resulted being the winner!

Enjoy my first Fantasy-Trance song, a new of many styles of me :)

Review this song! - Song Reviews (3):

MemberOptimusCrime (techno) 02 Sep. 2004
well, first of all this is NOT TECHNO maybe trance or dance would fit better...big minus for missleading genre, if this was your first effort in genre, we'll forgive that.

ok, lets get to track itself....
i have to say this is not very orginal track, the whole song i had this "i've heard this before"- feeling. more personal touch would improve the track much, i think.

you should do something for the drum section.
at the moment it is lame, to be honest. there is no depht in it at all and it lacks the groove,
(which is really important especially in techno)
now the drums are just "basic clapping".
but if i got it right, you had sample-pack, and the sample quality is quite bad, so the flat-drums aren't whole your fault...
anyway, more GROOVE is needed.

what is good in your song then?

first of all its really well tracked. i've tracked many years with IT, never could done the effects fine as you.
good work with the melodies too, they are bit unorginal, but good thought. i think you have played something?am i right?

well, anyway this is a good start for you
techno-producing career;). i see lots of potential in you.

...maybe you could listen some techno,
umek, chris liebing, carl cox, cari lekebusch, or some techno-guys @ctg.
and get some influences from those guys, so it would be easier to catch "the rythm and the groove".
Rating: (5.5)

MemberFleshDance (acapella) 10 Aug. 2004
Finally got round to this...;)

The first comment I must make is the amount of variety of melodies you seem to have packed in to this song. There are so many little phrases. Still, you have managed to make them fit together so well!

Furthermore, the chord progressions never seem to repeat to much, which is a common trap for techno writers, and one I often fall into myself. All that classical piano training seems to have come in handy!

At 0:14, there is a slide in the bass, which is so very stylish, as I told you before. It gives it a hard techno feel, and yet still gives it a sense of class.

Percussion wise, I think this song is lacking. I realize that you had limited samples for the compo, yet I think more could have been done with the hats, as it seems to me you have a very "tough" sounding kickdrum, and a percussion which does not fit it.

I think you could have done a little more intelligent panning. Even though that ostinato effect ping-pongs, it is one of the only panned instruments, and this isolates it a little.

At 0:58, the pinging has a delay effect on it. At first, I didn't like it, but the more I listen, the more I like it. It was a good idea to have the delay on different octaves! This is one place you could have added panning.

Overall, I am very impressed with your first techno effort, and I sincerely hope you never stop! A great effort with the limited samples you were given. The melody is magic:D
Rating: (8.0)

StaffNygen Dale (ambient) 04 Aug. 2004
Hey there! http://www.nd-music.com/gfx/pics/hello.gif

OMFG! I looooove this! Why didn't this get any attention in the first 2 days? I got curious when I read that you won that contest and now I know without hearing the other entries that you honestly deserved it :up: I mostly get scared when I see IT-files coz I think "Bad quality, bad song...". I can say right away that the quality doesn't get so near to Cubase/Reason/FL Studio mp3 quality but it just doesn't matter here :bravo: I'm enjoying this sooo much :hail:

Ok, enough of the :blah: The song starts with some nice effects but then the kick and clap give me a pretty basic build up... So I thought but then the first synth enters with a great catchy melody at 0:29 :yes: And then the track keeps getting better and better. Nice chord progressions, especially the chord change back to the original chord at 1:22 works so fantastic with the synth melody :lovemusic: I don't know but throughout the track the melodies and the chords never get boring. Again, something new at 1:54 :up: New synth new melody which I like just as much as the others before. Great transition at 2:08 when things get rolling again :up: Things get better and better as I said. Best proof for that: 2:23 :lovemusic: Beautiful melodies and chords until suddenly the happy part is over and it gets dark again at 2:51. And there's that great melody again. Bass and strings enter. And once again a sudden change... This is one thing that I could critizise. You start building up and down pretty often, some elements always disappear and later come back and that is mostly with things like hats or basslines which I think work better when they are static in the final climaxes. But, that doesn't change the fact that this is just marvellous to listen to :yes: Only real complaint would be the ending in this track. Am I right that the actual song length is 5:29 and not 2:49? Anyway, the ending is so sudden with that reverse cymbal. If you were too lazy for an outro you could have just faded the track out at that part :laugh: But this leaves me with some unsatisfied feeling while the track itself was just a pleasure to listen to :yes:

Ok, what can I say... Great production! :up: The melodies are just magical. Haven't heard something that touching in a long time. Every different part of your song has a great feeling of its own and I enjoy everyone while already looking forward to the next one :laugh: I know it sounds weird but that's the feeling I get :D People might say the sound quality isn't really great and I must also say that I've heard ITs that sounded better (like RAVE-n's "A Night in France") but that doesn't change the fact that the composition is wonderful :bravo: I know this is a damn high rating and I hope people won't bitch at me but I think you deserve it :yes:

Cheers :beer:
Rating: (8.0)

Extra Info:
Genre: Trance, Fantasy
Length: 2 min 49 sec
Release year: July 2004
Made using: ModPlug Tracker
File location: xTr1m.com
Added: 02 Aug. 2004
Download Options:
File size: 2785 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: Download this song (save as)
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 7.17
Total downloads: 99
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 1st
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Comments (4):
Administratorslammy or slammin vinyl [12th. June 23:43] []
downloaded this ages ago, and seems I forgot to listen to it... I listened tonight, and really enjoyed it :D very nice melodies :)
MemberFleshDance [5th. August 8:24] []
You know how much I like this song, Frank :D . I will try to find time to review it, but I think I have already said most of my comments already. Great work, especially with the limited samples!
StaffN.D. [4th. August 23:11] []
Ah, that explains a lot :yes: And you're welcome! :beer:
AdministratorxTr1m [4th. August 22:53] []
Thanks for your review!

The song length is actually 2:49, but it has a loop effect just before the end, so, if you hear it on a tracker, it could loop forever. But the player you chose looped it only once and passed after the second time to the end. Everything is possible. I one heard it for 90 minutes in the background, and that's not a lie, really :)

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