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Song Info:
Artist: cyborgjeff, Crazy Man, Vanisher III (cyborgjeff)
Title: American Dream
(2 reviews)
Page views: 3966

Artist Comment:

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MemberBassflower (hardstyle) 09 Mar. 2005
I like the Beginning. It sounds so smooth and fine.
Then the Singing. You got a great singer. he fits perfectly into this song.
I was surprised to hear so good worked out Synthplaying in a rock-Track. Well done :-)
I could listen to this song over and over.
The Structure is well done. Its like every other commercial Dance / pop Track.
The Mastering is well done, but the Synths could be a little (Only a little) bit louder.
Rating: (8.0)

MemberSOUNDVISIONZ (experimental) 13 Dec. 2004
The first thing I thought was...uh oh, another hate track about americans!!...lol...but I was extremely surprised to hear this and though within the track were some really funny things I had to rewind to hear it again. It's one of those...'what the hell!'...type of tracks. Very well done though...cool stuff.

Rock is not my current playlist genre, but every now and then it doesn't hurt.

One thing I noticed was that the vocals were a bit drowned with the rest of the sounds...there's times when it's excellent and clear, but others a bit drowned, but of course this is just a small technicality. The drums and sounds all over were cool...pretty nice rythms and cool synths.

I have to definitely give great credit for doing vocals...to me that's still an area I'm somewhat afraid of (fear of failure I guess).

Anyway, technicalities? again, volume levels. The high ends seemed a bit too 'noisey' and I don't mean that the sounds were loud i mean that there might be too much 'white noise' on the highs...could be the distortion, but maybe looking in that area just a bit.

aside from that great...definitely missig a lead solo!


Rating: (7.5)

Extra Info:
Genre: Rock, chip
Length: 3 min 42 sec
Release year: December 2004
Made using: Impulse Tracker II and cie
File location: www.trackersatwork.com
Added: 13 Dec. 2004
Download Options:
File size: 5000 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
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Song Stats:
Overall rating: 7.75
Total downloads: 30
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 5th
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Comments (5):
ArtistAsebajoe [11th. March 2:19] []
Lovely Track! :bravo:
Artistcyborgjeff [24th. December 8:56] []
Artistcyborgjeff [20th. December 9:56] []
nope.. not enough updated, seems that CM have had some problem with his HD,.. and then it's Vanisher III (also from T@W) that will work on the mastering...
StaffN.D. [16th. December 18:57] []
Is the version updated yet? Coz I can hardly hear the vocals in this one :no: Though I really like what I hear so far :bravo: And you used those great vocal bits from "Happiness is out of control" :yes: Pretty good job guys! :up:
Guestcyborgjeff [13th. December 19:16] []
well it seams to be a BADmixing version.. i will update this asap CrazyMan will be back!

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