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Song Info:
Artist: Maxus/lqs^mfl (maxus)
Title: Dolphins
(2 reviews)
Page views: 3232

Artist Comment:

Review this song! - Song Reviews (2):

MemberSOUNDVISIONZ (experimental) 15 Feb. 2005
soundvisionz here,

i really like the theme on this track. The dolphin sounds were really good, really nice...i loved them...great work on that, it really gives the track allot of emotion. Here's a element by element play:

I agree with the previous reviewer, they need to come up a bit more or, it can be that because the drums and hats are a bit high and prominent, the bassline kinda sits back and doesn't get enough attention. usually as a general rule, the bass drum and bassline should be compressed with a single compressor, as these are usually the elements that take the most prominence, a single compressor will allow both to be clear and not be overpowered by one over the other.

The pads and melodies on the pads were excellent. I just got a feeling that they felt lo-fi. I'm not familiar with the software used which could be the reason for it. But overall, nice....liked it.

Main Synths
The flute-like/pluck synth was really nice. It reminded me of something as the dolphins and the synth went together, It really places a warm feeling inside me which i though was great. Liked it allot, but again, these sounds felt a bit lo-fi.

Loved them. I don't actually think that the panning got annoying, but i do see that the dolphins took some prominence and attention over the melodies and sounds, maybe removing them for some parts so that the ears are not focused only on them.

I got the feeling they were really prominent, but the instruments themseleves were great. just needs some adjustments on their loudness. and again, they also sounded a bit lo-fi.

Overall, i think this is a great track. rarely do i find tracks that give me some emotional feeling. It could be the dolphins, but overall, even the melodies just carry emotion in their signature that is hard (for me) not to like. very powerful sounds, very nice elements, great theme (as mentioned before). Nothing stays in one single place to cause the listener to get bored, it just mnoves well, transitions great to other sounds, keeps interest, offers allot that the 5 minutes feel like they go by very quickly.

great work.

the only thing I guess is again the fact that the track feels lo-fi...do you have a higher quality version? or could this be the way that the software renders the sounds?

I have to give this a 8! dispite the lo-fi feeling.

Rating: (8.0)

Artistxa (various) 14 Feb. 2005
Basic thoughts:

- Tempo could be just a few bpm slower maybe.

- Nifty effects and nice melodies make this a nice track to listen to :)

SQ thoughts:

- The author should watch out about repeating panning tricks like at the start with the sound moving right to left over and over, it sounds pretty nasty on headphones :no:

- Not much drive to the bass, and it's rather quiet, perhaps bring its level up a tad. And also do some other junk to give this track a lot more power, it seems pretty weak for a trance track atm (Maybe it needs a bit more fullness way down around 50hz or so...)

Musical thoughts/Summary:

- The hats are a bit agressive as they first come in. Perhaps they could be a bit more mellow to work better with the rest of the track, especially at the start.

- Dolphin FX are great :up:

- I can't say that there are really any themes that strike me as memorable. But melodies are nice and everything seems to come together pretty well.

In the end, Nice themes + Good sounds = 6.5/10
Rating: (6.5)

Extra Info:
Genre: Trance
Length: 5 min 3 sec
Release year: February 2005
Made using: MadTracker 2.5
File location: maxus.untergrund.net
Added: 11 Feb. 2005
Download Options:
File size: 6074 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: not avaliable
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 7.25
Total downloads: 104
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 2nd
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Comments (6):
MemberDeep Secrets [21st. December 22:24] []
Dolphins are cute :D
ArtistPowerBass [6th. March 14:46] []
Sweet song! :)
Artistxa [16th. February 18:24] []
I think SV has a point there... Your tracks lately have sounded different :( You older tracks like SoS had a better, more powerful general feel. It might be the MT beta that's doing it like you said...
ArtistMaxus/lqs^mfl [15th. February 19:15] []
thank you SOUNDVISIONZ:) , i have many problems with mastering i don't know how do this and this version madtracker is a beta and i think that wave export is not good:( .. anyway thanx for yours advice, in future i'm going to be better;)
ArtistMaxus/lqs^mfl [14th. February 10:02] []
thanx xa:)
Artistxa [14th. February 9:37] []
btw I'm really tired as I write this review... If anyone finds this review inadequate I'd be glad to fix it up when I'm actually awake :sleep:

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