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Song Info:
Artist: JDruid
Title: A Glass of Whatever
(1 review)
Page views: 3196

Artist Comment:
I wanted to make a song with a guitar and a flute. This was meant to be a funkier song but somehow the parts didn't fit together and now it's a lighter one.

Review this song! - Song Reviews (1):

MemberEthelion (metal) 25 Oct. 2005
STRONG POINTS : The positive aspects of the song
  • 1. Melodius and mellow
  • 2. Nice mastering
  • 3. Good composition
SUMMARY : The impression of the song
A warm and moody track here, with colorful guitars and some flutes. Starts off with a bellorgan of some sort, to introduce the guitar-theme. There are many transitions and 'fake' tempo-changes that color the track and make it interesting. Many good parts with detailed melodic soundscapes and plenty of variations. Unfortunately, the song doensn't really seem to go anywhere, and so we're stuck with yet another average track.

WEAK POINTS : The negative aspects of the song
  • 1. Uneven arrangement
  • 2. Undirectional concept
  • 3. Weak transitions
SUGGESTIONS : How to improve the song
There are times I wonder why the guitar have been mastered so loud, because it really dominates the entire arrangement. Also, since there are so many good variations and things happening in the song, I find it a bit strange that you don't dare to push the concept further, creating a bit more movement. As it is now, the song stagnates and lose direction because there are no significant signatures. Some of the transitions could also be more detailed, as they sometimes just sound like they're thrown in at a minutes notice. Melodically, this is a great tune, but you need to make it move more, let the story unfold as they say.

Rating: (7.0)

Extra Info:
Genre: Easy listening, Pop
Length: 2 min 32 sec
Release year: 2005
Made using: ?
File location: galacticgaming.net
Added: 25 Feb. 2005
Download Options:
File size: 2100 kB
File type: [OGG]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: not avaliable
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 7
Total downloads: 73
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 1st
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Comments (2):
ArtistJDruid [31st. October 23:22] []
Thanks Ethelion. Actually this song seems to have been one of my most popular ones, but you surely have a point there.
ArtistZepsi [2nd. March 22:26] []
Whatever it is; it sure tastes good. Great little song this one.

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