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Song Info:
Artist: Chris Plorán (nepsus)
Title: Beneath Sable Waters
(3 reviews)
Page views: 5709

Artist Comment:
A dark and brooding mini-suite for unaccompanied guitar-type instruments. This song was remixed by Delux here

Insert lousy backstory here

Review this song! - Song Reviews (3):

MemberProvos (ambient) 27 Sep. 2005
pinggg :mail: oh man, and what a :mail: !

This is the kind of classical/fantasy song that really can't be described... it's just teriffic! :excited: Excellent guitar licks, and I love the way the composition seems to breathe with the slight bpm changes.

Guitar seems a bit "metallic" and not entirely as soft as I'd like... this is the main detraction in my ears. The bassline is fairly simple, it just goes along with the excellent riffs. Sometimes I think it could be enhanced a bit, to bring it more upfront, but quite frankly I don't think this is what you had in mind for this piece  ;)

I proticulary liked the point at :50 when it took on an almost celtic air. My ears were just begging it to keep going on... The part around 2:20 and on where it speeded up was quite nice also. Only thing that really got me there was the lack of chords in the playing. The occasional strum (such as it is, I mean you're using a computer not a guitar but stay with me here) would perk it up considerably. The harshness of the samples also comes across here a bit, but I'm just being picky  ;)

To the listeners: an excellent guitar solo awaits you! Don't hesisate on downloading this because of my comments above, I was just being a nit-picky composer. As a listener, this is really quite nice :yes:

Final score: 8.5. Points detracted off for samples, and serveral places where the articulation was a bit off...

Cheers :martini:
Rating: (8.5)

ArtistBlueshift (various) 21 Sep. 2005
This is a great Composition! it kind of reminds me of some music from a Computer game called Kings Quest, an old RPG by Sierra entertainment. Or Even Ultima!

Reading through the Comment you posted with the composition really helped me Visualise what the piece intended.
I closed my eyes for a minute and i could feel the water against the longboat gently drifting down the dark river! :D
Beautiful ! ! ! !

But in terms of Production i felt that it would really benefit from a real guitarist playing it, or if there isn't one to hand perhaps a higher quality steel guitar sample Set/library

Superb Composition 8.5
Production - 6.5
But i would definitly reccomend it
Rating: (7.5)

ArtistDelux (various) 21 Sep. 2005

Though the guitar sounds pretty synthetic and quite metallic (almost no dynamics in some points), the melodies are very fascinating...

Closing my eyes I'm being teleported to an old rpg I was playing years ago.. man it was something like 6 years ago... and suddenly the graphics, the characters, the forest came up in my mind.
This is really an evocating piece of music pal! Excellent for a RPG with some minor adjustements (like adding some touch dynamics when you play those 1/32..or 1/64 well I think you understand what I mean)...

I love this kind of songs, where a single instruments can make you dream and NEVER feel the lack of other sounds... No emptiness, just emotions; and only a guitar...Aaaah, I love this song particularly, the arpeggios are very clean and harmonic, with some good variations on chords and nice melodies leading the composition.

Simple arrangement, but great efforts at composing. Recommended!

Final table
arrangement : 7 (sound)
creativity : 8.5
melody : 9
feeling : 9
quality : 7
Rating: (8.0)

Extra Info:
Genre: Fantasy, RPG
Length: 3 min 9 sec
Release year: September 2005
Made using: FL Studio
File location: www.suspenlute.com
Added: 20 Sep. 2005
Download Options:
File size: 4537 kB
File type: [MP3]
Link: Download this song (save as)
Alternative: not avaliable
Song Stats:
Overall rating: 8
Total downloads: 382
This week downloads: 0
Current chart´s position: Not on charts.
Best chart´s position: 2nd
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Comments (19):
ArtistSilent Protagonist [21st. July 4:17] []
thanks. glad you think so.  ;)
Guestklikaso [16th. July 23:50] []
this is a thing of beauty. perfect melody. achieved so much with so little instruments.
Memberxcyril [28th. May 16:56] []
thank you! :)
ArtistSkyrunner [29th. April 0:54] []
Great composing here!
ArtistJDruid [10th. February 9:23] []
Good composing again, I'd have used the tremolo thing more sparingly though, gives a synthetic feeling :)
Artistaulin [31st. October 11:08] []
simply wonderful :)
ArtistPro-XeX [8th. October 18:23] []
this is great, i've been listening to it for that past 30 minutes  ;) can't seem to get enough
ArtistPartySan [1st. October 8:10] []
it's not live, but still wanted to ask :P
ArtistDelux [30th. September 19:00] []
Partysan does it sound live IYO?!? Mmmh you gotta have sort of earhache :D
ArtistPartySan [30th. September 15:57] []
Two questions:

1. the guitar is played live or on piano roll?
2. is Suspen a guitarist? :)
ArtistDelux [23rd. September 5:57] []
Wonderful atmo here.. listening again and again... great :D
Artistxa [22nd. September 18:14] []
It would have sounded great on any harpischord soundfont I think  ;)
Artistsuspenlute [22nd. September 1:08] []
I'll record this with a better sample set... when somebody buys me one. :P Gotta be nylon instead of steel though. -SP
MemberoZostomia [21st. September 18:44] []
well it has well made guitar playing...but i was expecting more...but it sounds good this way too!

ArtistDelux [21st. September 14:35] []
Oh and since I'm a guitarist, could you send me a midi of this song? I would like to try to play it :)
AdministratorxTr1m [21st. September 8:59] []
Whoa, nice tune dude!! I liked it :yes:
Artistxa [21st. September 4:30] []
Great! :up:

ArtistZepsi [20th. September 19:53] []
I give up trying to formulate how I like this one. I'll just leave two thumbs up and a recommendation to download it. :up: :up:
Membermrsix [20th. September 18:40] []
This is really good, I like the way it feels like it's playing naturally, speeding up and slowing down slightly. Really nice

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