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Latest Reviews:

MatthijsB-Blurred Wonder
I know this is an old track, but meh... I feel like writing a review for some reason. :badass:

Honestly, this is a pretty good track. I really enjoy Progressive House like this. It starts out simple. Just a beat and a few samples to get it going. Then a nice bassline is added. It nicely progresses into this deep House track. Very dark and enjoyable!

The breakdown was nicely done and gave it all a good break. I feel a bit more should have been added here to keep the entire track from being so monotonous. still not bad nonetheless.

I also recommend checking out the Focusupreme remix as well.
Membercyanghost109 (house) on 7th April 5:02
Rating: (8.0)

This track starts out pretty nicely with well done introduction, giving me the impression that this is going to build up into an enjoyable house track. The pace is a tad bit slow for my tastes, but everything seems to flow along nicely.

When the breakdown comes in, I get the feeling you didn't really know what to do with it. Once the beat starts back up, a bassline is added. Just what was needed! I think the bassline should have started earlier on in the track, and it should also be a bit more heavier.

I think the third breakdown was unnecessary, especially since it was shortly before the end of the track and nothing was added after it.

The good thin [more..]
Membercyanghost109 (house) on 3rd April 5:32
Rating: (6.0)

Hey, this song sounded really good.
I liked how the flute came into the rhythm of all the
instruments and the voice of the guitar.

Maybe we can do a song together? Which hopefully will be a hit :)
I have listened to your latest songs so I have some updates about how it should sound (y)

Do you have any songs out there on Spotify or other digital music stores?
You can find me on SoundCloud / Spotify / iTunes / Spinnup / Beatport and lots of other music sites. It's worth getting their music out on the market so people's attention on one.

Very good!
/Andreas Legato
ArtistAndreas Legato (electro) on 11th October 14:30
Rating: (8.0)

Haku Kinkur0u-I'm a Fighter!
The intro you have here is cool, but you're missing a few things in a production like this, you need more than one sound, you need to work on adding different synths which work on different melody's as well to go right through the entire track, you also have to practice your percussion and downmix, i don't think it's so much the downmix itself that's wrong, but it's the amount of instruments that's not their to chain the song together, you need to work on adding more different sounds to your tracks, but your breaks, drops, and intro's are not bad at all, the creativity is fine as well, the quality is sweet, and on overall i like the track, i'd like deeper kicks [more..]
ArtistDaRkXRiDeR (house) on 14th May 19:02
Rating: (7.5)

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Latest Comments
ArtistLord Wallace [7th. April 21:50] []
Cool, man - glad ya like it :D x
Lord Wallace - Metro Cafe
Membercyanghost109 [7th. April 5:22] []
Rediscovered this one after 5 years. Still enjoying it! :)
Lord Wallace - Metro Cafe
ArtistLord Wallace [4th. April 23:43] []
By all means, enjoy my next offering then :D
Lord Wallace - City Walls

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