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new album - astronomii [NEWS]
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Registered: 27.Jan.09
Write new replyFri 10 Feb. 2017 (16:03) [] 1/1 quick link
Release date: 01 07 16
Format: digital download.
Tracks: satellite, system, infinitii, nexus, hubble.

astronomii - the 8th net release from digitalTRAFFIC features five heavy electronica tracks based around an astronomical theme.

The five tracks are an incoherent assault on the senses with heavy sound dissonance and unnatural rhythmic patterns reflecting the sounds of the cosmos. Without doubt a digitalTRAFFIC album with trademark distortions, illogical track structures, sonic layers of sci-fi sounds and noise interference creating a mind jarring journey through time and space.

astronomy has progressed due to advances in technology which has allowed us to see more of and further into the universe.

satellite builds from the initial communication between a digital request / response conversation "start program" finishing with a heavy distorted noise finale. system is a disturbing, discordant atmospheric track with dark heavy ambient undertones. infinitii is a lighter and more challenging electronica soundscape with repeating distorted dissonant lead. nexus is a more dynamic soundscape with a change of mood and pace. hubble creates an atmosphere of distance and depth to reflect the universe we can observe today finishing on "end program".

The album artwork is an impression of mans first experience of simple changing shadows that may have sparked the first thoughts about movement of celestial bodies.

(no machines were harmed in the making of this album)

play astronomii

Thanks for taking the time to explore the digitalTRAFFIC sound - enjoy the tracks. digitalTRAFFIC

electronic soundscapes
electronic soundscapes
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