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Should we try make this page great again? [GENERAL]
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Jens Jakob

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Registered: 10.Aug.06
Write new replySat 06 May. 2017 (16:19) [] 1/3 quick link
Hi, Its a bit sad this page is almost dead :/

The idea about this page is awesome though.
Any chance we could try save it and make it great again ?
I love to get some of my friends to join ctg.

Jens Jakob

Jens Jakob
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Registered: 27.Mar.06
Write new replySun 14 May. 2017 (21:45) [] 2/3 quick link
Many attempts have been made in the past to revive CTG, but nothing really came to fruition as you can see. I like the whole community aspect too, but at this point, I think it's safe to say CTG had its heyday* and there would be little point in bringing it back since there are so many other ways people share their music these days through modern social media services. Although I don't personally care for them, it seems to be working for lots of people.

That said, CTG is still around and I don't think it will be disappearing any time soon. So if you have friends that are interested, invite them in. It certainly couldn't hurt. If they are producers, I will review some of their tracks, although I'm not a producer myself so I have little to offer in the area of expertise when it comes to music production.

*For me, it was pre-2007. IIRC, in the summer of 2007 or thereabouts CTG was down for a few months. I don't recall the details but after that it really took a dive in the amount of visitors and consequently the activity around here diminished. Even I had forgotten about the place for some time. In addition to Trax In Space reopening around the same time, many people jumped ship and went there.
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Write new replyTue 31 Oct. 2017 (23:17) [] 3/3 quick link
Indeed. Its so dead even spammers leave us alone now.

Okay, I have to admit, my changes to stop spam once and for all still hold well... :P

But yeah, no one visits here anymore, so I stopped visiting on a regular basis too and come by once every year or so...
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