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What about E-jay? [POLLS]

What about E-jay?
Yeah it is fine to use (12)
Yeah it is fine to useYeah it is fine to use 23%
No it is like cheating (41)
No it is like cheatingNo it is like cheating 77%
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Registered: 19.Oct.07
Write new replyThu 02 Oct. 2008 (18:16) [] 21/23 quick link
I started making music with e-jay long time ago. :)
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Registered: 27.Dec.07
Write new replyFri 03 Oct. 2008 (1:09) [] 22/23 quick link
Oh my goodness. EJay. I think I still have a copy of DanceEjay (number 1!) lying around somewhere. It was pretty awful, once you'd played with the standard loops. I mean - yay - five chord progressions, all in the same key. :/ So I started making my own loops for it using Modplug Tracker, which I was trying to figure out. :D
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Registered: 05.Jul.03
Write new replySun 05 Oct. 2008 (15:15) [] 23/23 quick link
i started with dance ejay 3 back in 2000 and yes it's imo cheating
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