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the stupidest lyrics ever !! [CHAT]
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Registered: 20.Jun.04
Write new replyMon 20 Aug. 2007 (7:12) [] 41/41 quick link
slammy wrote on 19 Aug. (14:07) :

PartySan wrote on 19 Aug. (8:11) :

Every Coldplay song I've heard has stupid lyrics.

As if I didn't hate them enough alread for gaining immense commercial success and critical acclaim for being nothing more than lame Radiohead ripoffs...

you're a real sour puss eh? :(

sometimes, when it comes to bands I hate. Such as the abovementioned.

mrsix: okay, to be more specific. Something like The Bends-OK Computer era Radiohead and the new, crappy U2 v3.0 (that started after ATYCLB)

The modern world is only endurable in small doses.

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