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song in a day? [CHAT]
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Louigi Verona

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Write new replySat 03 Nov. 2007 (19:31) [] 21/22 quick link
Lately I find myself working on tunes for weeks. Sometimes, however, I come up with a good tune in 2-3 hours and then enjoy the tune. This is how the space tune with a very long name came to life - "Catching Flies While Watching Intergalaxy Police Chase Smugglers on a Promenade of a Private Space Station" - you can get it at TiS )
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Write new replyTue 08 Apr. 2008 (11:09) [] 22/22 quick link
Absolutely, i think the best track's i've made have been done in a day, as that means I still have in mind the flow, mood and plan for the track. My last track I made in 2 hours, but it's not exactly complicated.
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