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New Hardtrance release 5/5 in IDJ Mag [SPAM]
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Write new replySun 15 Jun. 2008 (3:01) [] 1/1 quick link

The new release is out now with the 'Nutty T Acid Remix', 'Sully Remix' and 'Nick The Kid Remix'
Three totally different mixes with great support from some massive names.
DJ Support:
Ed Real
Dave Joy
Kev Energy
Charlie G
and many more.........

Feedback from Dave Joy (Joyride)
slamming remix from nick. will defo be supported. that's where hard trance should come back to.
straight in the face with driving beats and catchy melo!! 10/10

Feedback from Ed Real (Trackitdown)
I love the Nutty T and Nick the Kid mixes. Both will get support in my sets throughout the summer

Feedback from Charlie G (Tranzaction)
Nice one dude Nick's mix is great

Feedback from Vandall (Trancewarez)
This is Sully's best work to date, great euro hard trance

Feedback from Dean Zone (Data Transmission Mag)
God legend been waiting for this for ages Sully's mix is brilliant

Feedback from Fausto (XSIF)
Really great tracks will definately play Nutty and Nick The Kid Remixes in my sets.

IDJ Review by Danny Slade
Artist: Karlzee
Title: Double Penetrator
Label: Nutty Trance (UK)
Catalogue number: NUTTY014
This is one for fans of the dark side and although the mixes are all banging, they each have an individual sound. The mixes are by ‘Sully’ in a full on Teutonic hard-trance style, ‘Nick The Kid’ who goes for full on hardstyle and the ‘Nutty T Acid Remix’ which is a 303 lovers dream. My choice is ‘Sully’s but all are well worth a listen. D.S.

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